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Aladdin XT flashing with Xblast

Johny white

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1 hour ago, Bowlsnapper said:

You can flash a chip using the Xbox version of Linux? Or I guess it would be more of a specific purpose build, No GUI?

Yes, there are bootable Xbox Linux discs created to perform one function - flash a BIOS file.  No GUI. They autorun a shell script to perform a set list of operations. It uses the Linux application raincoat, a BIOS flashing program, to flash the file bios.bin to the modchip/TSOP. 

When you boot the disc, you see all the Linux startup lines scroll by then after a short time, the DVD tray ejects waiting for the user to load a BIOS disc.  It waits a minute then closes the tray to read the disc.  If the file bios.bin is found on it, raincoat flashes the file  to the modchip/TSOP.  I believe it then ejects the tray for the user to remove the disc, waits a minute, closes the tray then powers off the console.


Edit: I believe raincoat is included with other Xbox Linux distros that have a GUI and you can flash a different BIOS to your TSOP or modchip too.


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1 hour ago, KaosEngineer said:

Have you tried to use Gentoox Loader or XBlast OS to reflash the rebadged SST49LF002A part?


Edit: Wait, XBlast OS not being able to reflash the modchip is the whole reason why this thread was started.


P.S. I wonder if some of the Linux-based flashing discs can reflash it (e.g., eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_3)?

It uses a program named raincoat to flash a BIOS to the modchip/TSOP.

I'll take a look.

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