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  1. XBOX 1.6 128MB Ram upgrade 8TB Seagate Baracuda UDMA 5 Blue leds on each side Blue led fan on back Color changing leds front power / eject Color changing leds all 4 players For a client
  2. Fume extractor always on and its a hakko 30 years doing this and most wouldn't believe how many consoles come through. I stay humble yet honest and get blessed. I agree with what you say 100%.
  3. Hakko solder station + Quick here and love the combo. Reball machine is used way less since quick was added to the family Hakko: Have had this one since about 2013 and same tips in extremely good condition prolly 5,000 ish repairs mods on this single station. Quick only have a year with it with almost 1k repairs / mods and it works like new (Been going hard on repairs this year) mostly switches (Replaced an Ayoue with the Quick and man what a difference in quality) If one breaks I will replace with the same model. For me its not money its finding a combo with high success rate and this is it for me. Was amtech guy but after reballing 10 years kingbo was best in the end and stuck with that. I use that for all my mods, repairs, reballs, and consoles.
  4. The quick I would never change for anything bud. Plus thats the guy that says reballs are shit lol
  5. I use my Quick 861DW hot air + Kingbo Flux to remove chips from donor boards. They come up in 20-30 seconds and after a few hundred 100% success. They have all worked on 128MB upgrades.
  6. Someone stated that he thinks the 1.4GHZ schematic / voltages were slightly off /wrong. Maybe this is it.
  7. Once I get one going I will be testing like crazy.
  8. I'll give this a shot when I get my motherboard in for testing cpus before install.
  9. Depends if you want Titan or Cerbios since those are latest.
  10. How did you fry it?
  11. I'll give this a try once I finish my 4th ram chip on a 1.6 - Thank you for this!
  12. €350 + shipping is super cheap. These can go for 1k+ on evilbay
  13. CPS3 - Mame https://www.mediafire.com/file/2mbk6814grjzqmo/CPS3_MAME.rar/file
  14. Okay just built another 1.6 with 128MB titan udma5 to test and so far some of the games that were stated not working are working for me. I believe I might have flashed an incorrect bios.
  15. Looking real nice. My project on hold until I can source a motherboard to test cpus.
  16. This is for anyone attempting this for the first time: Ordered some ram from china new and as the one module I installed last night worked it was a pain in the arse. For some reason the new samsung chips from china have shorter legs (Or slightly thicker module) making it real tight. Spend 2 hours installing one. Spent 20 min installing one from a donor board. Night and day degree of difficulty.
  17. 100% not heat related. Ty though.
  18. So I have gifted about 4 xbox 1.6s with 128mb ram and many are saying games are black screening freezing etc. I'm going to try and pinpoint if its a Titan/Cerbios/UDMA5/ or 1.6 - 128mb issue. This might be a 1.6 - 128mb issue as sega chihiro games also have issues and i'm pretty sure I played some of those on my non 1.6s 128mb. If anyone has any info please share. I'm upgrading a 1.6 now so I can test. I have a feeling this is bios related but need to be one hundo.
  19. I use fatxplorer to make drive then copy what you want to c and e. Makes it the fastest way to setup now.
  20. Took me a while to Figure this out. I believe in the past I would enable HD with xbox menu. With unleashX I was able to fix this after a few restarts on all my old consoles (A few xboxes required a full power cycle off by unplugging power from back). I used to think these were all messed up and would harvest the ram from these. I bought 10 xboxes the other day and was able to fix all the ones that were stuck in low def even the 1.0s.
  21. I tried uncompressed isos in cerbios and really disliked the 30 secondish load time to game menu. Went back to folder method as its way snappier.
  22. I can flash it for you free just pay shipping - Can flash multiples if wanted. Same offer goes out to anyone else.
  23. Can't wait to get some MP on! This is epic. Does the public have an eta? In terms of hard drive keys I wonder if locked unlocked drives would matter.

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