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Are Chinese Mod Chips Worth Buying?

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I am new to the scene but would like to install a mod chip. I feel its with in my capability to do.

So my question is i can only seem to find clone Chinese Aladdin chips are they worth buy or a false economy?

I cant seem to find the real deals just what i can only imagine are clones as they sell for £4 to the Uk.



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I too have seen these up on evilBay and was thinkng of just getting one for every 1.6 board I have yet to mod, as they are the only boards that I cant mod, and chips are getting hard to find.

Anyone know if they actually work on 1.6's?

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Oh no I meant my usual route of an executor or such, it seems the Aladin chip are pretty much the only chips to find, unless you want to pay a heavy nostagia tax on eBay.

Anyhow bought some last night so will post here to advise how it goes etc.

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On 7/18/2018 at 1:24 PM, XC-3730C said:

What other clones other than Alladin clones are there that are readily available? Are there any clones that support LCD screens?





i can attest to the fact they work with 1.6 xboxes as i recently as in over this past weekend wired one up, i will say its best to flash a newer bios using the 2018 hexen disc so you can use a 1tb or 2tb hard drive and it will ask you if you want a f and g drive which i think is for a 2tb drive or just the f drive if like me only need a 1tb drive

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