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  1. nope but it would look like this and yes i know its crappy also make sure you count the pins correct as you go so you know you are soldering to the right one
  2. i forgot to add that pins 11 and 13 need to be tied together and grounded
  3. that i do not know i dont know if you have discord or not but there is a lot of people in there who may be able to help https://discord.gg/YhP3ACq also the wire i used was Kynar Wire 30 AWG
  4. they are the same just flipped one is if you have the xbox motherboard upside down so pin 1 would be on the top right and the other is if you have right side up with the heatsinks in view and pin 1 is on the left
  5. nope but whoever did that diagram did
  6. this is where i got it from also this was provided to me by Reo Au In on discord
  7. hey everyone thanks to a bunch of people in discord, i managed to wire a wii2hdmi adapter to the xbox for hdmi and audio, works great and there is a difference between it and composite, i dont have a good way to screenshot it, i tried doing a live stream on twitch but was having connection problems so it does not look to good, however if you want you can check the videos here https://www.twitch.tv/ironsniper1/videos and here is the diagrams, the one with the top of the xbox av port is if you completely desoldered the av port and are replacing the av port with the adapter and the bottom is if you are leaving the av port and just soldering in some wires to the port and adapter
  8. speaking of the clock caps in 1.6, if i have some replacements should i go ahead and replace them with new ones?
  9. i dont remember which ones but this is the guide i used https://circuit-board.de/forum/index.php/Attachment/72198-Aladdin-XT-installation-Guide-pdf/
  10. well i did end up buying 3 of those adapters above but i have some 470uf 35v caps i plan to put on them just incase, also that 3d printed design is awesome i may have to get some made for me
  11. the only chip i know of that is still being made and that i have used a couple of times is the Aladdin XT + 4032 as for features as long as i can upgrade the hard drive i dont really need anything else
  12. hey everyone, i am just wondering which is better tsop or modchip? pros and cons to both or is it up to personal preference? i like modchips as it gives me a chance to use my soldering iron which i dont get to do much, but am just wondering what others think
  13. my only issue with those is cost, i need 3 of them and the only place i can get them is ebay at 20 dollars each and i dont want to get the cheap ones cause they go bad, unless ya'll think replacing the caps on them will keep them from going bad

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