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  1. I had a soft mod Xbox about 10 years ago but found it unreliable and kept losing data not sure if this has been fixed or not. i will be attempting a hard mod shortly as i got a free xbox of a mate and wont be losing anything if i mess up but i cant see it being an issue, even tho i have 1.6
  2. Hi I am new to the scene but would like to install a mod chip. I feel its with in my capability to do. So my question is i can only seem to find clone Chinese Aladdin chips are they worth buy or a false economy? I cant seem to find the real deals just what i can only imagine are clones as they sell for £4 to the Uk. THANKS
  3. theres so many Chinese clones its hard to know if you get a real one or not. Is it worth pay more for these connectors or they just a simple device and not really worth forking out on one?

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