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OGXBox Installer 2021


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All single dashboards install fine. And idk if you know that you don't need to install a single dash. You just need to set up a Large or small HDD or Just C or E if you like that better.

Not to sure why you got that problem - no ever reportet to have that problem and ofc the disk is tested on varius xbox versions and on XEMU up to 0.6.0.

But tell me some things about your xbox. DVD drive, HDD, Bios (incl config) and what DVD media do you use.

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The hdd was moved from a 1.0 xbox transplanted into a 1.6. Xbox is a 1.6, DVD drive is HL Data Storage Model GDR-8050L, HDD is Seagate Barracuda 500 gig IDE. Evox m8+ v1.6 - 1.6b (256kb), Evox m8+ 1.6 CEE FG YesDVD (c:\evoxdash) UX (256kb). Media used Sony DVD-R, Verbatim DVD-R, Tesco cheap DVD-R.

Image attached is the error I get on all dash's except xbmcforgamers.



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I have checked varius single dashboard installs incl. "make dash default" etc. and what can I say other as it works like intended.

Here you can see it (I have not recorded all but trust me, they work without errors) : https://youtu.be/E8WGgoboe3M

So that makes me wonder why you have these problems. Everthing you posted about your config reads fine. And because your HDD is IDE and not SATA we can it's not the fault of an adapter or because of an missing 80 wire cable.

The HL drive is also pretty good but it may have a dirty laser so you could start to clean the lens and check again.

One thing, you wrote you use the UX bios which will copy shortcuts for UnleashX. And the error above is when the installer tries to replace shortcuts to make (for example) EvoX default. So installer ask "Do you like to make it your default dash" and you can hit no and the install will quit without a massage (thats fine). But you would still need a working shortcut for your bios on C:\. But, thats very simple because I have included all shortcuts as XBE file as well (better save than sry right?).

So if you browse the DVD (Live apps - 1.1. Launch X-Box File Explorer UX) you can go to D:\misc\shortcuts\.  There you see a lot of folders. Open the folder of the dash you like to make your default dashboard. Now you see a file called " evoxdash.xbe ". When you copy this file to the root of your C / E drive that dashboard is your default dash on boot (since you used the c:\evoxdash bios) and it works also for all other dashboards which can simply be changed by replacing that one shortcut (xbe).


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I set the HDD to setup C and E all worked wonderfully and the Dash's now work, Thanks for looking into it. I love the install disk, once I got over my initial problems and setup the C and E everything works like it says on the box?! I'm now happier with my Xbox then I have been for years. Now on to my jtag/rgh 360!

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I've used this disc to fressh install a 500gb hdd, used the option install single default dashboard xbmc4gamers. I've downloader hdd ready collection, put oin games folder inside f:/games and also g:/games. Xbmc4gamers wont list. "invalid path" error mesage. I could not find how to change path, or wich folder is the right one.

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This is an option to install an additional dashboard after you has setup the HDD using set up HDD. Nothing more.

So you have one option to keep you games and get it up and working. Set up C+E only to keep your games. Default dashboard after that will be unleashx.

Then you can either flash a bios wich points strait to X4G or you flash an cec/cee bios which boots C:\evoxdash.xbe or E:\evoxdash.xbe. After that use the switch dashboard option to copy the shortcuts.

EDIT. BTW. it looks like you use a super old bios (LBA48 info not found) which maybe search for something which is not there and also didn't support extended partitons.


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On 12/1/2020 at 9:27 PM, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Version 1.0.3.

- Fixed the Raincoat.ini where i made a stupid mistake because of copy and paste. (Huge thanks to: Traderjoe5245 for reporting this!)
- Fixed the issue that the skin are not loading on Raincoat flasher.
- Added the option to flash Sharp TSOP's with raincoat.

- Added a new menu as 7 to miscellaneous.
- Added Retail 2 Debug files in menu 7 as 7.1.
  This will just copy the needed files to E:\Retail2Debug.
  There is still work for you to do (Back your E drive etc.).
  AND there is mainly no need for 99% of the user to use this
  because it will have no use for you and you still need software
  for your PC and knowledge to use both of them! but it's a n2h.
- Added xDSL Linux in menu 7. as 7.2


OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.3

Folder link @ 1fichier for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz
Folder link @ Mega for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g

OGXBox Installer 2021 UX v1.0.3

Folder link @ 1fichier for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz
Folder link @ Mega for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g


The upload is in progress and the ISO's will show up shortly on fichier and after that i upload them to mega.  The 1.03 PBL is already online.

I have downloaded the installer filled burnt the ISO image but it won't boot.  I added the files to my hard drive and ran it from there I get error 13. I have a 1.1 with a new Alladin clone running Evo m8 bios and a Phillips DVD drive and a stock hd I will upgrade the hd later. Have I missed a step do I need to download something else? The same happens on my 1.6 softmodded box

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26 minutes ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

You can't run this disk or better the content of this disk of your HDD. It's made to run from disk and it searches there for files. ;)

Thanks for the quick reply I used the link in your previous post and I use imgburn at 2x speed on a DVD+RW I will re-download from the link you just provided and try again tonite. 😁

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On 11/18/2021 at 4:57 AM, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Just a quick little update with some little fixes and updates on the OGXBox Installer 2021 which is now v1.5.4.

The new version can be downloaded from the folder links on page one.

AND a little heads up, the installer sadly didn't work on XEMU anymore which isn't my fault. It worked up to XEMU v0.6.0. All later versions stuck at the XBox loading screen. Hope that get fixed in later versions of XEMU since the I have added a massive support for it in the upcomming v2.0 of OGXBox. Would be a sad thing if this will not get fixed. So if you like to set up a HDD for XEMU using this installer get hands on a older version (provided in my PC apps pack for example). After that you can use the HDD in newer versions of XEMU.


I'm using the xemu development version (git commit 01c2f0fa74d1f67ec135eaeed81f029058ef25a0) and the 1.5.4 installer is working again. Previously it would get stuck at the BIOS loading screen.

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There is a MakeMHz HDMI editon which dosn't has the "Boot From Media" Bios like the usal installer use.

OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 MakeMHz HDMI Edition.rar

But you could also set up a new HDD for your XBox on your PC using FatXplorer 3.0 which is maybe the better option. With FatXplorer you can hock up your XBox HDD to your PC and copy files like you normaly do in windows. And FatXplorer also provide a format option for your XBOx HDD.

OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM.zip

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