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  1. I set the HDD to setup C and E all worked wonderfully and the Dash's now work, Thanks for looking into it. I love the install disk, once I got over my initial problems and setup the C and E everything works like it says on the box?! I'm now happier with my Xbox then I have been for years. Now on to my jtag/rgh 360!
  2. I haven't tried setting up an entire drive. I have hundred of games, coinops massive on the drive I'm using. I Don't want to sit ftping all that across again. It is single default dashboards being installed.
  3. The hdd was moved from a 1.0 xbox transplanted into a 1.6. Xbox is a 1.6, DVD drive is HL Data Storage Model GDR-8050L, HDD is Seagate Barracuda 500 gig IDE. Evox m8+ v1.6 - 1.6b (256kb), Evox m8+ 1.6 CEE FG YesDVD (c:\evoxdash) UX (256kb). Media used Sony DVD-R, Verbatim DVD-R, Tesco cheap DVD-R. Image attached is the error I get on all dash's except xbmcforgamers.
  4. Let me get back to you after I've had my tea.
  5. I spent a few days trying to make this disk work, most of it does apart from installing dashboards. The only dash I could install was xbmcforgamers. Xbmc failed, avalaunch failed, etc. They all fail at the same place extracting the .xbe dash file to E. Unzip failed error 5. I burned off 6 disks on two different burners with the same result, same failure point.

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