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Original Xbox Mini Classic

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Hello everyone I wanted to show off my mini classic that I made.

It is made from a 3d Printed case that I modeled.


I gave it some primer


and some paint


Then I went the extra step and made a box for it and had it printed


Finally if you are interested, I made a video of me putting it together


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22 hours ago, jdub01984 said:

Do you have a schematic of the power circuit you put together. I saw another topic where you were working on it, but never saw an update with the final schematic.

Do you have an STL of the case you would share?

Here is the schematic. The reason the I never updated the other post I because I wanted to get this done and decided to pull back on the scope of this. So figuring out a all in one power solution was just too much for me. Although I am pretty sure it could be done with something like an arduino and a softswitch. There is also the TI webench utility that will literally spit out a pre designed schematic with your power requirements using TI parts. I am pretty sure that is what ttsgeb used for his design.

The STL isnt quite finished. I didn't show in the video about how I went about securing the power plug. The reason is because by the time I had got around to printing and finishing the thing, I hadn't considered that and just printed a bracket and glued it in place. This has the not so great side effect of locking the motherboard in place. I need to add some mounting holes for thermal inserts near the back.

2 hours ago, Arakula said:

This is an absolute beauty.

Did you change plans along the way and went for a higher case than originally intended, or why did you bend down all replacement capacitors?

Thank you. Kind of, I have been in the scene since I was a teenager and just started laying down caps like everyone else does to their minis really without thinking about it. Really only one need to be laid down in order to make room for the controller ports

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21 hours ago, QuietProjects said:




In this schematic it appears to be an error as in my understanding and as I have had version 1.6 working with just a 5 volt and 12 volt supply

The PowOn(3.3) is a output from the motherboard to turn on the 5 volt on column 2 pin 6(used for the control port supply) and the 12 volt on column 2 pin 10(used for the DAC 9 volt supply and the Fan)



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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