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  1. Sorry I misread your post, didn't see you had created 2 games directories on the same partition. On your dash hover over the Games icon and press the white button and select edit source at the top of the list. Click add and point it to your games 1 folder, you can add multiple sources. That should solve your issue. Hope that helps.
  2. Push the little white button, go to settings, advanced and uncheck "enable fast game parsing" Go back to your dash and click games and it will rescan the games folders and your games will appear.. once this is done you can go back into the settings and recheck "enable fast game parsing" so that it doesn't rescan each time you click on the game menu or reboot the Xbox which speeds everything up. Remember to do the above steps every time you add more games otherwise they wont appear in the dash. Hope that helps.
  3. Would love to see some photos if you have or ever get around to building this.
  4. Looks good, The 360 thumbsticks work great in the S controllers.. First thing i replace when i get a new controller with worn thumbsticks. Haven't seen a good option to replace duke thumbsticks yet.
  5. bez84

    The Foxbox

    Very Nice Work
  6. Nice work.
  7. Im aware, but for whatever reason when i put it back together with the top shield it doesn't feel snug...more spongey lol My ide cable folding isn't as good as yours, Look great. Leaving the top shielding out hasn't seemed to affected the units in anyway and helps with my lack of patience.
  8. Looks crisp, love the leds.
  9. Use a AV cable, cheap enough to buy or find someone to borrow one off. Make sure you copy the game save and the softmod file from usb to Xbox. I use the 007 method to softmod my Xboxes and it works fine just a few more steps then other methods. Select mission, select first mission, wait till it loads. quit mission, go to load mission and select Xbox hard disk...follow softmod prompts. Tutorial here with info for 007 softmod.
  10. Thanks for the info, lol what cant you soft mod with...I've used a old pen camera.
  11. Or buy another sata adapter and a Ide power cable splitter. That way it can all be done from the xbox... Ive used this method and the total cost of those parts was $7 on ebay so not a big expense.
  12. Use HDD raw copy tool, then find something to expand or create a new partition on the drive to use the additional space. This can be one from the xbox depending on what dashboard you are using.
  13. Looks great, i personally like how you went over the top and made a actual retail box for it lol.
  14. I thought the bottom shielding also acted as ground for the motherboard...Didn't know you could remove it entirely, good to know. I remove the top shielding as it seems to get in the way when iv upgraded the hard drive and becomes a pain to line everything up and get the top cover to fit snug again.
  15. Looks great, Haven't seen to many xbmc4gamers splash screens available on the net. Great work thanks.

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