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Anyone Ever Have the Adm1032 Temperature Ic Fail (Flashing Orange)?

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Got a version 1.0 that is flashing orange (high temp) immediately after power up.  ADM1032 chip looks good and meters out fine for power and I2C bus connections, but when I throw a logic analyzer on the bus, it never returns a READ response.

1.958481000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
1.958792500000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
1.959192000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
1.959548000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
1.960861500000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK

Compare that to a "good" box I have than returns both MB and CPU temps over and over during the boot process.

1.069577000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + ACK
1.069807500000000,I2C,'1' + ACK
1.070072000000000,I2C,Setup Read to ['153'] + ACK
1.070300500000000,I2C,'24' + NAK
1.070584000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + ACK
1.070815000000000,I2C,'0' + ACK
1.071078000000000,I2C,Setup Read to ['153'] + ACK
1.071306000000000,I2C,'23' + NAK

Before I replace it, any other thoughts?  Clock cap was still on the board, but actually looked pretty good (minimal leakage), and the ADM1032 and surrounding area has been cleaned several times with IPA.



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I have read about that chip failing in the past.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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Yes, I've help someone repair their Xbox by having them install a new ADM1032 chip since the console instantly indicated an ovverheating condition with orange flashing eject ring, fan sped up to 100%, then shortly after that shutdown.  After replacing the chip, all was good again.


Edit: Another Xbox had a major clock cap leak that had reached the ADM1032 temp sensor chip.  After cleaning the area around the chip especially between the pins with IPA, the overheating condition was cleared and the console started working as expected again. 

Both of these were remotely assisted repairs, I did not see all of the steps performed by the repairer.  They both told me that their consoles were once again functional after everything they did.

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Pulled an ADM1032 off another fatally damaged board and this one fired right after replacement.  So it looks the chip was bad even though visually there was no apparent issues.

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      Please login or register to see this link.  please click that link so that u can see a video of what i'm talking about. you'll notice that there are vertical static(static as in fuzzy static on a tv not, static as in "unchanging") lines on the screen when there is a dark scene. the video doesn't show it too well but they are even easier to see in person. that is the opening sequence of xmen legends. i have this problem on 2 of my stock xbox v1.0's and on my modded v1.4(i also have the diagonal lines on it). the lines do not appear on my v1.6's. i've tried it on 2 stock and one modded 1.6 and none of the 3 have the problem. i am connected thru the official hd xbox thing(with the component cable outputs). i'm wondering if it is an issue with certain capacitors that cause this? if so, does anyone know which specific ones cause it? the reason i ask is because it would be a pain to fully recap each board of the xbox when they are functioning perfectly in all other areas so i'd rather just replace the specific ones instead of recapping the whole board. btw, none of the cap are bulging or show obvious wear. i know that the 1.4's are very prone to the diagonal lines because of bad caps but i don't which ones are the problem.
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      I know people get really tired of hearing this debate, but I'd like to make my position as clear as possible once and for all. 
      First and foremost:
      The reason the LPC exists on the Xbox motherboard is because the TSOP is soldered to the board blank, and programmed via the lpc port later in the manufacturing process. When the TSOP is blank, the xbox then looks to the LPC for a bios image to boot. This is because a pre-programmed rom is more expensive than a blank eeprom (TSOP in this case). It also allowed Microsoft to more easily update the bios image in new Xboxes for whatever reason. 

      So we know that they would have to retool the LPC programming device if they disconnected some LPC points. This new tool would need to be incredibly fine because the point it needs to make contact with is no longer a nice big pad. 
      Since nobody can find a 1.5, this retooling would have been for just a handful of motherboards. So they would have gone through this expense of retooling for such a tiny amount of boards it wouldn't have made any sense. 

      Next, what exactly did the alleged 1.5 board prevent? It ONLY would slow down mod chip installation. I say slow down because any knucklehead with a DMM could figure out how to get it working again. It does absolutely nothing to stop soft modding or TSOP flashing. Why would Microsoft go to such an expense to stop only one method of modding the Xbox? I don't doubt that people have found LPC points that show no continuity. This could be because of the very programmer I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It could be due to trace rot. It could be due to operator error in measuring the components. Whatever the reason for a person measuring this situation, I don't believe it was a particular version of motherboards that Microsoft intended to put out. 
      We saw with the 1.6, where it DID come with a pre-programmed rom (so no TSOP) on the board that they could finally disconnect the LPC. That's why we have to rebuild it there. It is perfectly consistent. It stops TSOP mods. It stops modchips for noobs. It required a new bios that supported the new video encoder. I think they believed they could use updates on game disks and Xbox Live to patch the softmods. So they thought they had all the bases covered with 1.6. 
      I got my information from the Xbox-Linux Project. They published an article on Xbox Security which I preserved on this site. 
      "Now other people found out that, if the flash chip is completely missing, the Xbox wants to read from a (non-existant) ROM chip connected to the (serial) LPC bus. This is of course because of the manufac- turing process: As it has been explained before, the flash chip gets programmed in-system, the first time they are turned on, using an external LPC ROM chip. Modchip makers soon developed chips that only needed 9 wires and connected to the LPC bus. It was enough to ground the data line D0 to make the Xbox think that flash memory is empty. 
      Lots of these “cheapermods” appeared, as they only consisted of a single serial flash memory chip. They could be installed within minutes, especially after some companies started shipping chips that used pogo pins, so that no soldering was required. 
      Some groups wrote applications like boot menus that made it possible to copy games to hard disk and run them from there. Patched Xbox kernels ap- peared that supported bigger hard disks. Making the Xbox run copies from DVD-R or hard disk as well as homebrew applications written with the official Xbox SDK was now easy."
      Please login or register to see this link.
      It's under the "Modchips" heading. 
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      I've done tons of these, and I have some boards left over. If anyone wants it would be 90 shipped each board anywhere in the us. I don't have any rep in this forum but I have an ebay account with a bunch of reviews and I've done a few trades over at r/hardwareswap.

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