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Does anyone know a reliable SNTP server IP for UK timezone?

I've tried a few different I found online but they don't seem to set the XBox to an accurate time.
Some are whole hours out of sync, which would suggest that they are not for the UK timezone.
Others are out of sync in the minutes by quite a substantial amount as well, not just a few. This should not be, as to ky knowledge each timezone is shifted in 60 minute intervals, all governed by the Royal Observatory in Greenwitch (GMT).

It's not a major issue, but it is a slight irritant as UnleashX has the feature, I just can't seem to get it to work properly.



Never mind.

I entered "0.uk.pool.ntp.org" into the XBox's options just as an experiment and it seemed to sync properly now.

I assumed I needed to use an IP address, because the default is an IP.
But I noticed the "Use HTTP" option and wondered if the Dashboard would recognise the server if I input the HTTP link, rather than the specific IP address.
It does, and now I am happy I never need to manually change the clock setting s again (so long as I have the XBox connected to the internet).

For anyone else looking for working SNTP, I just looked for my region on "https://www.ntppool.org/".
It seems that the XBox is capable of using that sites servers to sync the time correctly for whatever region you are in.

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You still need to set your location in the MS dash as an example for me it's +10 hours for east australia.



SS Dave

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