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  1. Does anyone know a reliable SNTP server IP for UK timezone? I've tried a few different I found online but they don't seem to set the XBox to an accurate time. Some are whole hours out of sync, which would suggest that they are not for the UK timezone. Others are out of sync in the minutes by quite a substantial amount as well, not just a few. This should not be, as to ky knowledge each timezone is shifted in 60 minute intervals, all governed by the Royal Observatory in Greenwitch (GMT). It's not a major issue, but it is a slight irritant as UnleashX has the feature, I just can't
  2. I have my console running now and I tried my original concept. I was having some issues in transfering game folders to the console, several files would fail, and the usual tricks wouldn't work. So, I decided to restructure my folder hyrachy: I now have individual folders ranging from "A" to "Z" and the "123" folder on the root of the 'F' partition. And should I ever need to expand onto the 'G' partition I'll use the same hyrachy. And the 'game' folders are in those 'A-Z' folders. This means that the folder 'depth' is the same as if using the default 'Games' folder, only I'm
  3. It's been a while since I had a working XBox to play around with, and I'm a little forgetful of some of the things I can do to customise the various dashboards to my liking. I do remember spending a lot of time playing with values in a config file (don't remember the actual file) for UnleashX to remove unwanted and redundant menu items. This got me thinking about 'adding' menu items to the lists. I have a particular folder hierarchy I like to use for organising my various games folders for my consoles. I used an old telephone keypad layout for the base: |-"Console Name" Games\
  4. I had to take a few days doing something else, because I was getting increasingly more frustrated while trying to understand this problem. I happened across a random post on reddit. In this post, although the poster admits that he caused the fault, they describe the exact same behaviour as my console. They did this by flashing the wrong BIOS to the TSOP. This actually brings back a little hope to me, in that I could rescue this console with a new chip. But, they went on to ask about recovering the BIOS using a mod-chip. I have read a few posts of people theorising about this,
  5. @SS_Dave I agree; sending it half way around the world would be somewhat false economy. The trace you pointed out is fine, the distortion in the picture much have been some more rosin, which I cleaned off after I took the picture. I did think I had found something: Near where the clock capacitor was there are several little blue components, I'm not sure exactly what they are as they aren't marked or have labels on them. There are two right nest to each other just to the side of the three large capacitors at the front of the board. I noticed one of them was at a skew, and T
  6. @SS_Dave The legs of the TSOP are fine. I think what you can see is just some shine from when I tried pressing a pin against those pins for the 3-wire trick. I also tried it via the soldering method as well, just to be sure. As for the other spots; I think they're just shadows. The patch by the LCP was just some rosin left over from the soldering. I noticed that myself when I took the picture and cleaned it off. The patch on the left, I'm not sure about. I'm just about to take the console apart again to investigate. It's likely just a shadow, as I mentioned, as I didn't have any reas
  7. I have tried a few things today... with no change in circumstances. First, because it was the easiest, I tried the 3-wire trick, but that didn't change anything at all. The console still does the triple restart and then rests on the alternating green and red lights. I also tried to see if I could solder wires to the chip, and re-install it that way. However, because of the original solder points being pretty much destroyed at this point, I had to spend a lot of time to expose traces and very carefully connect wires. This was extremely time consuming, as I mentioned I don't have a
  8. Very close, although the BIOS chip on mine is removable. And mine is a little toasted and missing a few pads around the LPC connection now. The chip was soldered directly to the motherboard that way, and I had some trouble removing it. At least the damage is to the chips board, and I managed to preserve the motherboard. I could try soldering wires to the traces or even the "Lattice" chip legs, but the tip on my iron is not fine enough for that kind of work.
  9. It may not work for me then, as I am getting alternating red and green. Could I possible make anything worse by trying it?
  10. You beat me to my next idea: I was thinking that the reason this 1.0 console had a chip in the first place could possibly be the result of someone before me messing up when trying to flash the BIOS. As from what I know 1.0 consoles are the fan favourite, because they have the largest space for flashing. Also, I've gone over the board with a magnifying glass looking for anything that I may have damaged, and other than a little bit of extra solder on a few points, I can't see anything. My theory in that is why this console had a chip in it is further supported by the manner in which the
  11. I can't do anything with the console at all right now. The console simply will not boot. The exact process is this: Press power button (or eject). LED comes on (Green) and fans spin up. After a second console turns itself off. Another second later the console turns back on again, on it's own. After another second the console turns off again. And finally after yet another second the console turns back on, but the LEDs are now alternating between red and green. And this is how the console stays until it's turned off manually. During that entire t
  12. I purchased a second hand XBox from eBay. The console came with an Aladdin Advance mod-chip already installed. This chip looks different to other "Aladdin" chips in that it doesn't have the 12-pin female header. Where that socket is on other chips of this kind there is a unpolluted area labelled "FLASH". I don't think this console was ever used for anything else other than playing copied games, as it was running on the stock Dashboard, and still had the 8GB HDD installed. Even when the EvoX mode was initialised by holding the power button to turn on the chip, the console still boot

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