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Super Ambitious XBox Theme

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          Since finding out about this website, I have been amazed at what people can do with xbox's both hardware and with designs. So naturally i went to Facebook to search for the cheapest xbox to practice my first time modding and painting on. Sure enough I found a broken one for 20$, I opened it up and it just needed new caps by the power supply, but in the time it had taken for the new caps to come in the wheels started turning on crazy designs and theme. I started with the jewel, I wanted it to be clear for sure and light up, I saw a post about a guy who used a 80mm cold cathode under the jewel and it glowed beautiful. The next day I ordered one off Ebay UV of course, after that was done I focused on my theme. I decided on Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm assuming you just said why, but it was my life when I was a kid lol.

         The paint was next on my list, I had an idea of a stone box design that had the 3 Egyptian God card's on it, great idea I thought. So next I went to Wal-Mart to look at spray paint and found a nice light color, like what I would think would fit the theme. Cutting was next for jewel hole, I wish I could of said drilling was next cause my hole is not circle haha. I should of did more research and found out earlier that you can just use a drill, but hey I'm learning. I then painted 5 coats of this Rust-Oleum Multicolor Textured spray paint, allowing 24 hours to cure in between coats, which turned out to look how I imagined it. While those where drying I spent time on the jewel to make it nice a clear, man was that an arm/thumb workout, after about an hour i had it nice and clear. So next was the cards, I wanted them to be on the xbox themselves, but the only thing I could think of to use was epoxy resin for a seamless look.I knew I was kinda on my own, becasue I saw nothing online about someone doing that to a console. So I needed something to practice on, then out of no where, I think of the dvd drive that I just replaced the belt in 
sitting on the table taken apart looking like a perfect contender lol.

            Soon I was pouring resin on the top metal housing, granted this wasn't just a random idea anymore, it had stemmed off to a whole new inside theme "The Shadow Realm". Though I didn't know how i was gonna make that happen. I started thinking and I grabbed my UV dye from when I was into pc water cooling, and added that to the resin to give it a glow like it was in "The Shadow Realm", if you have seen the original show you know what I'm talking about. So now I'm waiting the 3 days for it fully harden so I can sand and buff it, I know it looks bad now but the sides are gonna be painted a nice dark metallic color. In the mean time I did a test with a card to see how it will look with glitter to give a really cool effect with the clear resin, and I like it! Pictures don't really do it justice the way it looks in person with the light is pretty cool in my opinion. Everything at the moment is drying so I have nothing to do except think of cool idea's, which includes a lot of resin and paint haha. Updates will continue! :) 


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Are glow in the dark paint you need to add some UV leds


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SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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I'm not keen on hardware modding for aesthetic reasons and I have a particular aversion to LEDs used for that purpose. So I am a purist in that respect but when such modding is done well you can not help but admire the craft skills being demonstrated.

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Thanks I appreciate it a lot HDShadow! I thought about glow in the dark paint for the letter’s in the jewel so it could make it pop, but having trouble tracking down the color I want haha!  Your paint job is very nice and kinda what color I was looking what paint was it ?

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    • By aries
      Have a NTSC xbox 1.0 console but live in Italy here is the 220v current,you can mod the PSU to 110v to 220v? at the moment use a step down converter and works fine.
    • By ttsgeb
      This is going to start out as just being copied directly over  from my thread on BitBuilt about the project.
      Please login or register to see this link.

      The xbox has some mildly odd power requirements. It uses the same 20 pin Molex MiniFit Jr connector that an ATX PSU output, however the pinout is completely different.

      As it stands, the typical solution is to use a PicoPSU, a small ATX PSU, a modify it to work with the original xbox.  PicoPSUs can be had for around $15, the power supplies for them can be had for around $10.  It's a very inexpensive solution.  Traditionally when this is done, the Power OK and Power On lines are ignored, the PSU is set to always on, and the wires are run all catywumpus to get to where they need to go.  While this solution works, it's definitely a hack, and I believe we can do better.
      So what are the xbox's actual power requirements?
      While I haven't actually cut up a power supply and tried to get the xbox to full load while measuring the current draw, I have a V1.1 PSU here that handily has the power requirements right on the label.
      Max Output Power: 96W
      DC Output:
      +5V -- 13.2A
      +3.3V -- 4.8A
      +12V --1.2A
      +3VSB -- 0.045A
      I hope it's safe to assume that further revisions of the xbox had similar or lower power draw.  Regardless, this seems like a good starting point.
      So, how do I plan to accomplish this?
      With 4x LM2678 Regulators from Texas Instruments.
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Why 4 regulators for 3 voltages?
      The LM2678 is a 5A regulator. I need 13.2A on the 5V line.  Having looked at the specs for the PicoPSUs that seem to work just fine, they're rated for 8A on the 5V line. This leads me to believe that 10A should suffice, so I'll need two regulators for 5V.
      I'll also need a 12V regulator, as I plan to run this off of an easily obtainable laptop power supply rather than needing to source an 8A 12V supply.
      I will also be designing a smaller footprint alternative that runs off of 12v for when space is of the highest concern.  I'll likely also break down the xbox's power requirements even further at some point to see if I can't design a PSU that allows for aggressive trimming, but that's much further down the road.

      I've designed the first iteration of the 24v board, it's 60*32mm. Now that it's done, I don't like it for a variety of reasons. I'm going to try again, putting the low profile components on the backside of the board and the tall components on the topside of it. Maybe I'll be able to squish it down a bit more in the process.

      There, that's a little better.
      27.5*49.25 mm
      Oh, hey, I worked on this a bit.
      I ditched the 12v regulator and changed it to 12v in. I also had to source different inductors, which are sadly larger, so the whole board got a couple of mm wider in the process.


      I think I'm gonna actually order this one, and see if it works.
      I've since looked at the most recent revision and noticed a couple of flaws in it. I've repaired those flaws, and I'm gonna sleep on it again, look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow, and probably order it.
    • By sweetdarkdestiny
      Like the titel say...
      Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/21/21265995/xbox-source-code-leak-original-console-windows-3-5
      Have a nice day guys.

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