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i have a odd problem if i use unleashx to as my ftp i cant have over 4 connections with out it locking up or stalling has anyone ever had this issue 

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You using 17+ year old hardware and software



SS Dave

Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.

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In my experience UnleashX stalls on particular files and disconnects/re-connects multiple times whilst FTPing whatever settings you use on the Xbox or with FileZilla.

It tends to start off very fast and is great for smallish FTP tasks, a couple of hundred MBs, but with games and things like XBMC, Emus, ROM sets etc which have a lot of small files those disconnects increase particularly if you've set more than 2 Users. The problem file will eventually be marked as a Failed To Transfer and the dam with break and it'll go back up to top speed again until it hits the next one.

Using the XBMC dash is better in this respect and it does disconnect less often and reconnect quicker but it is noticeably slower overall. Avalaunch is sometimes claimed to be the fastest dash for FTPing but with UnleashX speed boost I've not noticed any obvious advantage in any respect.


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