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Hello all,

i've upgraded the HDD to a 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA version..

all works fine, but when i want to upload games i get into trouble..
Unleash-X reports my F: drive as 480 GB

but XBMC wich i use as my default dashboard reports F; as 250 GB harddisk.
So when i upload my games directory of 320 GB when unleash is active, XBMC wont boot anymore

Any ideas ?

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It sounds to me as if you may not have formatted the F:\ drive correctly and it is currently using 16K clusters which is good for up to 256GiB. As your HDD is 500GB and F:\, if using all available space, about 480GiB  that needs 32K cluster formatting.

So have you checked the extended partitions are correctly formatted using XBPartitioner v1.3? If you have an "ER" against partitions 6 (F) or 7(G) if used then that is likely the cause of the problem.

Do not under any circumstance try to transfer anything to that drive until you have confirmed it is correctly formatted because the reformatting necessary will effectively wipe it.

XBMC version is easily found: launch it and whilst on the start page (or almost any other) press R3 on the controller (right thumbstick down) to bring up the shutdown menu. One of the options there is (I) for INFO, click on that and the XBMC version will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Some XBMC skins actually incorporate (I)INFO into the skin's own menus under System but wherever it is it shouldn't be too difficult to find.

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