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  1. i've got it working now, it needed aa bios update, and then all was fine i have 2 xboxes, both with a 2 TB harddisk and a f: and G partition of 970 GB..
  2. that's why i joined, saves me a lot of google searches
  3. i need to figure that out, i just bought a second-hand xbox with hardmod and it's build in 2005, works like a charm ! 30 euro's with 25 games on dvd, a xbox shoulder bag and 1 original controller
  4. i'm a dutch x-box-o-holic.. Still struggling with a lot of stuf on my hard-modded xbox, and i became member of this forum because it has a LOT of interesting info and helpfull topics. thank's for accepting me, and i wish you all the best ! Greetings from the netherlands
  5. Hello all, i've upgraded the HDD to a 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA version.. all works fine, but when i want to upload games i get into trouble.. Unleash-X reports my F: drive as 480 GB but XBMC wich i use as my default dashboard reports F; as 250 GB harddisk. So when i upload my games directory of 320 GB when unleash is active, XBMC wont boot anymore Any ideas ?
  6. I totally agree i't has been years ago since i used my xbox, but after a hd crash i never did anything for a lot of years, now i am happy as a child on xmas with my sresurrected Xbox ..
  7. ok, i'll donate too haver a good day everyone
  8. hello, i am a new member, but i don't have any permission to downlload somehow.. You can choose another dashboard after you've installed it.. for example, after your xbox is re-booted in unleash-x yoy can choose "install xbmc on f: and after that , you can go to the option, "change startup dashboard," and select xbmc on f.. Good luck !

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