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Aladdin Chip Modder - XBmc Origins Installation, How?


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Hi im new to this forum but not new to modding . soon I will be installing an alladin plus x2 chip in my version 1.6 xbox therefore hard modding it .

I seen where people are putting xbmc origins on their softmodded x boxes but find little information on getting a dashboard as such on it after I hard modded it ?

so please

1.could somebody point me towards a prebuilt xbmc origins with instructions on how to install after I have successfully hard modded my xbox

note: I will be using a ide to sata adapter to use a 2 tb hd or larger in the system 

2. I plan to ftp my game files over to the hd another question I have. Can I use the hard drive as an external hard drive after I have installed a front end and transfer all my files at once with an external sata to usb adapter ?

Past mod exp is


ps2 softmod and hard mod with 4tb hd

wii loaded softmod

wii u softmod loaded  

sega dreamcast complete library with flash sd slot 

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Not that I don't want to help but your topic refers to the Aladdin Chip but your questions are for different things.  I'd suggest asking the question in the right area for two main reasons.  One, that users may overlook this thread because they have no experience with the Aladdin modchip, and Two, because putting your questions in the right area (with an appropriate title) help those who are looking for the same answers.

(You might want to ask two separate questions because these questions aren't related.)

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  • KaosEngineer changed the title to Aladdin Chip Modder - XBMC Origins Installation, how?

You can actually install XBMC origins before you Xbox is hardmodded. You just can’t make much use of it until you do so, as the hard drive will be unlocked and you won’t be able to use the unlocked drive until the chip is installed


XBMC origins IS your front end, and also includes an entire games library to go with it. It’ll be a struggle just to find stuff that isn’t already there, so don’t worry too much about installing games.

Instructions and source:


The page includes a link to HDD raw copy tool, which you can run on your pc to dump the Origins image onto the drive. It’s gonna take a while.

Install your modchip, once this is done you can drop in the hard drive and roll. Make sure you use an 80-wire IDE cable.


As for your second question I’m somewhat unclear on what you mean.

If you are asking whether you can attach your hard drive to the Xbox’s USB (controller) ports and transfer stuff from there - no. Your HDD will not be usable and would be miserably so even if it were. You’d be far better off using FTP.

If you’re asking whether you can attach the drive to your Pc, and then transfer content, yes. You’re familiar with installing PS2 games over WINHIIP, no?

You will need a similar program here - either eXplorer360 or boXplorer. Personally I have had limited success in using these.


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On 6/2/2019 at 9:35 PM, Magicaldave said:

XBMC origins IS your front end, and also includes an entire games library to go with it.

Just for precision, Origins is a skin for XBMC/XBMC4Xbox made by by Dom DXecutioner.  The forum link is here:  https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4393

Other's built on or extended Dom's work to create new variations. 

Arcanthur produced a minimalist mod of Origins (and other's contributed) and it is available here:


And then we have this Origins UI update here (by PlayStation 4):


However, with great controversy, there is a compressed image available for a 2TB HDD that is available on the ArcadePunks site that includes a heavily modified Origins setup complete with artwork, games, emulators, and more. 

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