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  1. I would more less use the nano to see if I can mimic what the Aladdin does to the xbox not saying I will have a success but its something to look into
  2. yea! I was thinking that once I put the modip on it will act ok I more less got it ready for the chip and turned it on just to see what it does and it did that
  3. mod chips are cheaper than rp. although the Arduino nano would probably be the best bet in doing this task I plan on reading the kernel off an alladin chip when I get it with an Arduino and seeing if I can figure out how to do it with a nano no promises but I have a lot of extra nanos that I make ps1 chips with
  4. ok so it seems I may have a problem then ive read in a few places that the xbox wont boot up! which is what mine does ill know more once I get the chip just curious if I may have made a mistake installing the breakaway which does happen time to time this is my first xbox so it wouldn't surprise me if I did mess something up heres the symptoms as of now push power lights up yellow orange shuts off repeats that cycle one more time and then turns on a 3rd time and blinks red to green and stays on but nothing load on screen
  5. im waiting for the alladin plus x2 chip to come in the mail while waiting I have installed my break away header and the corresponding wires needed and cut the l trace my question is what does the xbox do when you tun it on without the chip and the trace l trace cut my xbox is a 1.6
  6. not here to sell my work but after I am finished with the mod will help walk you through
  7. Hi im new to this forum but not new to modding . soon I will be installing an alladin plus x2 chip in my version 1.6 xbox therefore hard modding it . I seen where people are putting xbmc origins on their softmodded x boxes but find little information on getting a dashboard as such on it after I hard modded it ? so please 1.could somebody point me towards a prebuilt xbmc origins with instructions on how to install after I have successfully hard modded my xbox note: I will be using a ide to sata adapter to use a 2 tb hd or larger in the system 2. I plan to ftp my game files over to the hd another question I have. Can I use the hard drive as an external hard drive after I have installed a front end and transfer all my files at once with an external sata to usb adapter ? Past mod exp is n3ds ps2 softmod and hard mod with 4tb hd wii loaded softmod wii u softmod loaded sega dreamcast complete library with flash sd slot Moderator: Topic Title changed from Aladdin Chip Modder to Aladdin Chip Modder - XBmc Origins Installation, How?

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