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XEcuter 2 Bios Editing

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it's 2.1 which is included with the XDK, it's not a separate available download, I have searched for it but not found it on its own. 

I've made a load of .x models to replace the xbox text, is it ok to upload them here so other people can mod their own bios's? I won't provide the x2 4981 bios, just the tools and premade .x models to mod it.


EDIT: to fix the angled text it was simply a case of unticking ALL tickboxes before exporting from deep exploration  (except "turn to left" and "ascii" as a .x file, literally all the tabs on the export window

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24 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

2.1's in the MS XDK?  Which XDK version?

I think i'm using 5849, they all probably have it though as it's kind of needed. 

Heres a (very roughly made) little tribute to this site as a thanks for keeping the OG xbox relevant today


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Necro I know but just to correct my above post in case anyone wants to make their own bios mods as I have; 

Deep Exploration 2.1 is in the MS SDK not XDK. I used SDK 5558 (Complex) and installed in a VM running win XP 32.

You may also need to install visual studio 6 sp6

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