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  1. OG xbox is apparently next. I believe the console is stock and I believe the original HD has failed. Thats what I will be focused on.
  2. HI people old timer here, with 3 og xboxes. Also have a series x, ps5, xbox 360 slim e and a ps3. regarding my original xboxes, i have an: OG1 (unknown mod picked it up at yard sale) with working dvd and 230 GB hdd. OG2 xbox with motherboard flash apparently or something? and another OG3 Xbox stock with a dead dvd drive. Ive long been into the modding scene, but never shown my face kinda thing. love og xbox and the memories i have with it. Im wondering if someone can direct me to where id get help with my army of xboxes. how do i figure out if the xbox is softmodded or modchipped without taking it apart? whats a motherboard flash? ive never heard of it but the guy i bought it off says its not softmod and its not modchip if u have 2 working modded xboxes with working dvds and a unmodded stock with a broken dvd, what would be the best way to also mod that? Im a big fan of Mr Mario and constantly look at his videos. Thanks all! have a great sunday/monday!
  3. Hey everyone! I managed to get Alpine Linux working on the xbox with a 5.15 kernel! It's command line only right now so no sound or desktop environment. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DVtaFB22BeUntv46iKk8FT0YSwMncD2a/view?usp=sharing If anyone wants to try it. user=user password=xbox be careful with the f_drive it's using the fatx fuse from https://github.com/mborgerson/fatx so f drive needs to be f takes all format. You can edit /etc/local.d/xbox-bootup.start and set the manual offset and size if you have a different f drive set up. there's a backup rootfs.tar.gz.backup that will get created incase something goes wrong that is rotated out from the last rootfs each shutdown/reboot if needed If anyone wants you should actually be able to get a full desktop working. There's a guide here for wayland/weston: https://flighttestdude.wordpress.com/alpine-linux-stuff/ should work fine with the simpledrm driver I have set up. I'll probably try and set up something way lighter and experiment around with different desktops.
  4. I upgraded my hard drive recently and still had some of the "old" emulators on there. I have Kawa-X, plus a Kawa-X Next, and a CPS3 emulator called CPX3 ... none of these old emulators seem to have any artwork under xbmc4gamers which irritates me. I put the latest FinalBurn Legends and romset on my hd recently, and noticed I also have an older CoinOps on there .. Also installed MameOx latest version along with a full set and loads of CHD's (although alot of the CHD games don't seem to work). My question is, are these old emulators even relevant ? Has FinalBurn Legends replaced all the games that were in Kawa-X and CPX3 ?
  5. Hello Folks, i have a xbox since 2001, about 2004 i put a duo x2 chip but never really explored much the emulators, etc. My dvd drive is kaput, maybe it can read again with some cleaning and tweaking the lenses ( in ps2 it worked for the rest of the lenses life) but id like to read my hard drive before it fails and clone it to a ssd. How do do this? I can plug the disk to a computer and its just a normal disk clone?
  6. So i have a 1.2-1.3 version Xbox that sometime 10-15 years ago i moded with a Chameleon solder-less chip. I used an Xecuter 2 bios and when it turns on it asks for a password. This was to keep my 7 college roommates from playing it all the time. Fast forward a decade later and I am cleaning it up and refreshing it, and i forgot the password. Any idea how to reset this? Plan is to clean the DVD drive (wont open), clean the case. 2TB Sata Drive, Startech SATA to IDE, OGX360 Internal (if anyone has one available) With that being the case, will I still run into this Xecuter Password assuming its a Bios on the Chip? I do have the original DVD I flashed the chip with. I have been reading a lot about Hexen, XBMC-emustation, and OGXbox Installer. Any insight on what route would be easiest?
  7. good afternoon all i upgraded my hard drive and want to use the old one for something totally different. is there a way to reset the HD and totally factory format the drive to FAT32? i unlocked the drive using the XBOX and plugged it into my pc. Using Disks i used the NULL KEY as a password to access it but i still don't have permission to write to or format the 500gig WESTERN-DIGITAL. so am i just stuck with an old backup of the XFAT IDE? please help
  8. Hi all! I lost my original modded XBox in a divorce. By then, I had a 360 and PS3, so I just dealt with it. Nostalgia has a hold on me and miss a lot of the games that I enjoyed so much in those early days. I have a Xenium Ice and have a very nice used Xbox to mod. Looking forward to meeting like-minded people. I'm sure I'll have questions as it's been a long time.
  9. Hey folks! New member here! Bought a custom OG Xbox modded and loaded a while back and recently moved. Hooked it up and turned it on and got a #12 error with red ring. I’d love to to find someone reputable that I could send off for service. Thank you
  10. Hey guys, new member...but not new to the scene. I have been a member over at XBMC4XBOX for years. I initially modded this box in 2010/2011-ish. I had run XBMC on it for my daughter for a number of years, with the help of the fine folks over at X4X, have updated it several times...added some SNES ROMS and had quite a bit of fun messing around with it and the scene. As it got to be a little longer in the tooth for HD streaming, and several devices that are smaller and much more powerful that can do much more, I packed it away. My son is now 15, and loves all things gaming. I would like to get this back up and running with more ROMS that he and his friends can enjoy. Several months ago, I updated the dash with Rocky5 1.17 disc, but could never get anything to boot off of it. I only got Rocky5's gray dash, and the downloader working. XBMC would boot to a red error screen, and XBMC Emustation/XBMC4Gamers would not do anything...no matter how much I tried. I posted over at XBMC4XBOX several times to get some help, but really received no answers. In the last few weeks I have found this site, and have been reading as much as I can. I got the box out today, and had forgotten that in a fit of desperation, I tried HEXEN 2018 to try to wipe the mod and start over. It still had UnleashX as the main dash, and booted right up to it. XBMC 3.5 was still in the E: folder, but still booted to the red printed error screen. When I tried to switch to it as a dashboard I couldn't get UnleashX back. I put HEXEN back in and ran through some tools and kept getting more errors. Just dug Rocky5 out again, and ran through the softmod updater. It is a stock (other than the softmod) 1.4 that I believe was warranty repaired by Microsoft at one time. I purchased it from a friend at work, and it had previously been opened up, but no mods had been done. Booted fine to stock dash with all his game saves. I had done the original mod with the Replay card and 007 with Krayzie's, I believe. It worked great, and I was constantly reading and messing with updates and dashboard appearance for it when it was in my daughter's room. I would really like to clean this thing up. Rocky5 is now updated, and I installed the XBMC4Gamers, and booted to the dash...it worked! Now that I am a little more encouraged, I want to get this as clean as possible before adding ROMS, etc... I feel all of my attempts have left junk behind, and I want it gone...Is there a utility or anything that will get my softmod to a point that it has only what it needs to run? Then I can begin again. Like a "fresh install" or "refresh"? I have old XBMC builds, and who knows what else cluttering up the disk. Or possibly a folder structure diagram that I can follow, and clean up manually? I had incorrectly assumed that the softmod updater or HEXEN would wipe everything for me, but that was not the case. I've poured through both discs and have not seen anything like this in any menus. Thanks in advance...love the site Kevin
  11. I chip modded my Xbox 20 years ago when I was in college. Not sure the type of chip but I can find out if need be. Evolution X executor rox my box load screen. Fast forward and now I have 4 kids who have resurrected the Xbox, ages 4-11. I suspect one of the kids messed up the bios but I really don't know. One day, the kids can't get into system utilities anymore and load games. Here is the screen it boots to. Not sure where to go from here to get the machine working but I can follow directions and my 11YO is as nerdy as I used to be, so I'm hoping all is not lost. Any guidance appreciated.
  12. So, I'm an old man and I can't remember how I flashed this XBox years ago. I have an Aladdin XT Plus2 with Evox +3935 and M8plus_16 fan 40.06 (not sure what size bios that is). I wrote a 2TB image to a drive and get an error telling me to upgrade to LBA48 ver 2. Can someone point me in the right direction. I do have FTP access to the box.
  13. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to Google Drive but I lucked into an X3 xbox for £16 and it came rammed with skins and old BIOSes, some of which I recognise and many I don't. Perhaps someone would like them for archival purposes? Please let me know
  14. Hi! I was looking for unnecessary files on my xbox hardrive when i saw this: I realised that i have dashboard that i don't need. I opened it and saw that it even wasn't EvoX, but UnleashX (idk why). I already have UnleashX, but in different directory (C:/Dashboard). I need help which files to remove that are part of the unnecessary dash (I wanna keep the folders: Alt Dashboard, Applications, Backups, CACHE, MP3, PICS, TDATA, Trainers, UDATA and Video). Thank you!
  15. Hello, Whenever I get interested in a new subject, I always do a deep dive to find all sorts of information on it, and the Xbox is no different. Well while searching for a datasheet of the Xbox mcpx chip, I stumbled upon a bunch of files. Some are seemingly random, while other have to do with Avalaunch development, or pictures and files of xbox hardware. I don't know if much of the files or pictures are particularly helpful, but I find them interesting if nothing else. Here is the website in question: http://www.crusaders.no/~joker/old_web/ Maybe someone can figure out what's relevant for this community and combine it all together. DobaMuffin
  16. So after 19 years I pulled my v1.0 out blew the dust off of it. Turned it on things were not ok. Long story short clock cap pulled, damaged traces fixed. Fired it up and the Xenium logo comes up , some text in upper left that can’t be read lol then it just sits there and does nothing. Chip led is lit up red, used to be orange. Reset solderless pin mount and double checked D0 everything looks good....but again still stuck at boot up. Could use some input. Thanks in advance for patience as I’m sure this has come up before ..I couldn’t find it.
  17. For people that want more info http://www.mediafire.com/file/as3fd031ru9c3f2/XBoxRepairGuide21.exe/file
  18. Hi all. The OG Xbox holds a special place in my heart as it was the first console I purchased myself. Sadly, the HDD failed when I started high school. I sold all my games but I couldn’t throw the box away. I’m overjoyed to learn of the modding scene and that it’s possible to resurrect my girl from the dead. I’ve got an OpenXenium chip headed my way. Any suggestions for new HDDs and IDE adaptors would be greatly appreciated (along with any other advice). I’ll get the clock capacitor removed ASAP.
  19. New to the site and finally getting around to finishing(?) a pair of xecuter modded Xboxes about ten years after I started. Oops...?
  20. Recently found an xbox in my mother in law's basement and getting back into modding it as a hobby. Nice to be a part of the site.
  21. Greetings all, been into Xbox for a long time but only just getting back into it after a bit of a hiatus. Love modding them and doing case mods.
  22. Hi, so I decided to update my softmod using Rocky5 softmod update v1.1.7 all good apart from I'm only getting 45Gb on drive F and no drive G it's a v1. 2 xbox with a 150Gb hard drive with Null Eprom. What's the best plan off attack, can I just use xbpartitioner and format F and create a partition G. I don't mind loosing what's on the HD. I have all the installer disks, any ideas please guys I would really appreciate your advice.
  23. Had some fun modding an old Xbox this winter. Forgot how much fun they are.
  24. Hi all! I think I'm in the right place. First bought this awesome console back in May 2002 as a gift to myself for finishing college (4 years late but I finished!) Became a big video game fan on and off ever since. Having this in 02 made me buy a PS2 as a birthday gift that summer. I'm a Sony and MS game console guy. Just recently picked up my OG Xbox from ebay and now I watched some videos to take it apart. I got a 1.6 and wanted to check how its guts look. I want to post pics to get opinions or a diagnosis from you experst if I should go any further with taking it apart. It's playing fine and hooked up to my 1080p Vizio via HDMI. Hope to talk to some of you and get some direction where to post my pics. Thanks!

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