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  1. I've installed the app on the x4g test build, it was a few hundred mbs and i can see the saves in the UDATA folder. Thing is I've tried a few games now and none of the saves seem to be detected or work. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  2. I've got a multimeter but never used it, how do I check if the cap points are linked?
  3. I'm a total newbie to soldering/electronics and I messed up while trying to replace the capacitor on my old xbox. I took a picture from underneath the motherboard and labelled which hole is positive and negative, and I'm trying to understand what my options are for getting a cap in there. For the record, I damaged the "via" rivets so the holes are damaged. Some people talk about scratching off the light green stuff to reveal the copper and attaching wires to it, to which a cap could go on the end? I'm really confused and would appreciate any help you could offer. First pic was the bulged caps. Damaged cap slot is on the far right. Next pic is of the underside of the 3rd cap slot. 3rd pic is from the top of the motherboard, same cap slot. I think the copper vias connecting the different layers in the board were damaged, as they came out with the cap that I had to remove (yes I'm dumb, got frustrated and had the temperature too high). What are my options here? Is there any way to go around this? Is it worth just filling in the holes with plenty of solder and installing the cap as normal? Really don't know what to do
  4. I picked up this crystal Xbox with what looks like a coax spdif mod and I'm wondering if there's any point to using it when I have some modded 360 component cables lying around? Are there any advantages? Thank you
  5. All I remember is that it came from a translucent Green euro xbox. Here's a better picture
  6. Anyone know if this foxlink power supply can replace the delta supply in this 1.4 crystal xbox? It's making a bad noise and is probably on its last legs
  7. Is anyone able to identify this faceplate? What version was it originally as it appears to have been painted. Came attached to this xbox I bought off a former playboy bunny
  8. Great points and I agree, with the fight sticks though, I bought some ps2 arcade fighting sticks with ps2 to xbox plug adapters and I used it for some awesome arcade fun fighting games are so great on the og, as are many of the emulators and games
  9. I've hugely enjoyed modding the hell out of my OG xbox, going from a dusty acid-covered black OG, to a new-looking soft-modded box, then up to a SmartXX, then adding a Samsung SSD to one and a 2Tb drive to another, to playing with different BIOSes, using CoinOps Massive, adding noctua fans (had to cut some plastic but got there in the end) as well as creating an xbox slim with a custom paintjob as well. And then I got my favourite part, the translucent green X3+X3CP with a firmware-flashed PC dvd drive. It's just been a tonne of fun. The next step might be to try overclocking! So my question is really this: Can anyone think of any more ordinary "day to day"-type uses for a modded-to-hell OG xbox? I've used it for original games, emulators, playing music - but what about XLINK Kai integration, or youtube support? The OG xbox is *so close* to being genuinely useful as a reasonably modern media consumption device, overclocking especially might push it over the line to being able to play 720p/1080p media smoothly. And YouTube, i'd absolutely love to be able to watch youtube on it, all i've found so far are a few broken old scripts in a copy of MC 360 that don't seem to work. So all the jibber jabber aside, anyone think of any more fun daily-driver type uses for a modded og xbox?
  10. The xbox actually came as a freebie with the steel battalion controller for 150 all in. The guy told me he's going to check his basement for the packaging and pedals later. The screenshots are taken via the XOSVP. The caps were busted and I have soldered in shiny new caps. The DVD drive is awesome, if rather beige!
  11. Hi guys, long time lurker, don't say too much but I enjoy reading the forums. So I was lucky enough this weekend to come by a translucent Green non halo European x3 (pink) with the pro faceplate along with a steel battalion controller. It also has a pc dvd drive with the firmware flashed to read original games. I've been having a lot of fun playing steel battalion and having just received my XOSVP, needless to say this is the perfect console to test it on. I'd love to share pictures and video with the Facebook group but sadly someone who makes 360 component cables maliciously removed me. I have a problem with the pedals and would love some assistance about adding wireless controller support. Can I share these pics and video on this forum somewhere?

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