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  1. I was curious what the MXM (Media X Menu) skin would look like but I can't find it, is it this one? Because that is just peak 00's right there Edit: No it's not, it's this awesome totally over the top menu with this intro:
  2. More than welcome! Now that you mention it though, a Google Drive repository of all the OG Xbox skins people come across in random eBay pickups or whatever would actually be pretty cool. There was a handful of skin in there that were pretty cool that i'd never seen before, the GreenBox one for example, and others that I've randomly seen before and liked e.g. the Enterprise D / Stargate SG-1 background but it would be really nice to have a central repository for all the skins and custom backgrounds etc people made back in the day. P.S Probably can leave out the Pam Anderson and Paris
  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lWghoehhQm94WcMF_iEztYKCeuStgV7s?usp=sharing BIOSes https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a45VMZaPqzAIs36c_xYbRdzPrfgs3lX5?usp=sharing Skins (Warning: some skins may contain a few spicy titties from the early 00's, no offence intended just sharing as I received the console) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1omeUoJnHJLhOMhmjWaCRwYc8eQnw38AA?usp=sharing Same as above, not sure why this was labelled Xskins rather than lumped in with the others. Possibly from another dashboard as there was a lot of stuff in there. Will check for DLC /
  4. There's definitely some DLC installed i did notice that, didn't think to look for mimesis but will check for this as well in as soon as possible.
  5. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to Google Drive but I lucked into an X3 xbox for £16 and it came rammed with skins and old BIOSes, some of which I recognise and many I don't. Perhaps someone would like them for archival purposes? Please let me know
  6. This is one i made earlier using a component cable. The others are just yellow composite and red/white audio like I said.
  7. Thanks my crystal is all shiny blue again now
  8. Thanks buddy, I've got a box of these crappy 360 cables and nothing to do with them then I guess. Sad! I've only got 5 360 component cables left I used your tip about using the yellow video cable for coax digital though - works great! Thanks!
  9. Yes but can't i use 2 composite cables and Frankenstein together another component?
  10. Can i make component cables for the 360 out of them? Or will only 360 component cables work?
  11. Anyone got a good guide on installing LEDs or a cathode tube into an original Xbox? I guess i need to know some good 12v and ground points
  12. You get an OGXbox forum Trophy, which is worth x100 a hugging bear coin.
  13. I want to have coinops 8 massive just appear as a shortcut under Emulators in the main menu, but when I add the folder as a "source" in xbmc4gamers, it scans it and gets stuck on one .xbe called something like default_fpp.xbe and has to be rebooted. I can enter the directory via the file manager and boot coinops from default.xbe no problem, same for coinops ninja too - everything works great - but I just can't seem to get shortcuts working and it sucks having to use the file manager everytime I want to play an arcade game. Anyone know what the fix is for this? I even t
  14. Yeah i noticed it didn't see the g and f partitions, only good as an emergency backup i guess.

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