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  1. I've got 2 xboxes, one X3 with the inbuilt menu and one slim no-dvd xbox. I'm getting deja vu that I've had this problem before and managed to solve it. In the X3: - It powers on, I was able to get into the X3 menu by holding the white controller button, no issues. - But I wasn't able to get into my dashboard (i know it works, I used it a few months back - and I can see the game titles / menu titles on the LCD screen) - I remembered the issue was something to do with the region/video mode not matching, so I think I switched the region to PAL 480i initially directly via the X3 menu and managed to get into the dashboard. All my games etc everything is working fine, but only in 480i now. - So I go to enigmah X and switch back to NTSC thinking this would allow me to go back to 720p, no dice, now the X3 menu won't show up (again, I can see it loading correctly via the LCD screen, there's just no video out) - I tried switching to a SCART cable to try "force" PAL mode again, and I can see via OSSC's readout that i'm getting 480i but again there's no video out. What can I do here? I vaguely recall that using a composite cable somehow hardware-forced it back to default 480i and fixed this issue. The slim: - Powers on, loads up, works fine, OSSC says 720p out, can't see anything obviously wrong with it - The picture is blurry. Literally just very blurry. I've tried switching back and forth between 480/720p and it's still extremely blurry, I really can't explain why. Last time I used it the picture was crystal clear. Please help you guys!
  2. I've installed Aladdin chips before but I'm just wondering what the difficulty level of installing a xerc2 is like? I was tempted to track down an X3ir as i have an x3 but apparently they're a nightmare
  3. Anyone know if there's a way to use ogx360 to power on/off the Xbox using this? Would be a really nice quality of life upgrade to the OG
  4. Can i ask about that remote control power on off mod? A friend of mine has tried it twice with no success. I'd particularly like to be able to turn on my Xbox using an ogx360
  5. OG Xboxers assemble! Come on guys, how has no one discovered what this Easter egg is? It's just a combination of button presses. Additional info found on Reddit: "That thread points out a section of the Xbox kernel's source code (which contains the startup animation code) which has checks to see if certain controller buttons are being pressed and then it conditionally fires functions to alter how the startup animation looks and behaves. The code has references to changing things like the presence of fog, shadows, the "blob" throbbing effect, and camera placement. There's references to "pause" and "camera under control", which makes me think you may be able to pause the bootup animation and then move the camera around the scene using the controller. The boot animation (and bootup sound) is rendered in real time in 3D and is not a pre-rendered video, which makes this all possible in theory. The presence of this code in the stock kernel indicates that it might somehow be able to be triggered by a user on a stock Xbox, if triggered correctly. Currently, simply pressing buttons during the bootup sequence doesn't seem to have any effect. There might be some missing component to trigger all this. Keep in mind, this is all speculation. Seamus could be referencing something else entirely for all we know. I also don't know for certain that the code in reference made its way into the final shipped kernel. It could have also been only present in certain versions hypothetically. EDIT: the code that handles processing button inputs is not active in retail versions of the kernel from what I can tell. There's a special flag that is basically used to indicate whether or not the build is being used for testing. If this "final build" flag is turned on, inputs aren't processed. Seeing as how you can only do this on non-final development builds, I don't think this is the easter egg he's talking about. I'd still be curious to play around with it though. It looks like a very simple thing to enable so I'm surprised there isn't a version out there currently that has this feature enabled, especially hacked BIOSes. It looks like this is a rather trivial flag to set during compilation."
  6. Put fresh thermal paste on....... looked REEEEEALLY closely....... the tiniest crumb of, I wanna say old thermal paste? It was sitting on the traces around the GPU. Maybe it was a bit of the paste that was on it originally? Is that stuff even conductive? It was so tiny I thought I might've jacked up a trace somehow when removing the heatsink. Seems like it was shorting some traces going into the GPU. My fave old SmartXX OG is back up and running! So for anyone who encounters this problem in the future: Check the traces around the GPU and that there's no thermal paste (especially anything conductive) potentially creating a very tiny short.
  7. Welp... took the GPU heatsink off and looks like about a third of the GPU just wasn't covered in thermal paste. Can't believe I messed up something so silly. Pretty sure something on the GPU is permanently damaged now. May try cleaning and repasting it one more time but RIP this OG.
  8. I have a cut-down slim OG xbox that has worked great, but then I changed the paste a while back and it started going kind of weird. The picture output is barely there, it's really really dark with a strong red tint to it, can barely see the menus but it's definitely outputting a picture. Could I have messed up the GPU somehow? Something being shorted? I'd include a picture but you can barely see anything. I'd be sad to ditch this as I put a lot of time into it. Best,
  9. I was curious what the MXM (Media X Menu) skin would look like but I can't find it, is it this one? Because that is just peak 00's right there Edit: No it's not, it's this awesome totally over the top menu with this intro:
  10. More than welcome! Now that you mention it though, a Google Drive repository of all the OG Xbox skins people come across in random eBay pickups or whatever would actually be pretty cool. There was a handful of skin in there that were pretty cool that i'd never seen before, the GreenBox one for example, and others that I've randomly seen before and liked e.g. the Enterprise D / Stargate SG-1 background but it would be really nice to have a central repository for all the skins and custom backgrounds etc people made back in the day. P.S Probably can leave out the Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton / Animé bondage stuff though ^^
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lWghoehhQm94WcMF_iEztYKCeuStgV7s?usp=sharing BIOSes https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a45VMZaPqzAIs36c_xYbRdzPrfgs3lX5?usp=sharing Skins (Warning: some skins may contain a few spicy titties from the early 00's, no offence intended just sharing as I received the console) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1omeUoJnHJLhOMhmjWaCRwYc8eQnw38AA?usp=sharing Same as above, not sure why this was labelled Xskins rather than lumped in with the others. Possibly from another dashboard as there was a lot of stuff in there. Will check for DLC / Mimesis shortly.
  12. There's definitely some DLC installed i did notice that, didn't think to look for mimesis but will check for this as well in as soon as possible.
  13. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to Google Drive but I lucked into an X3 xbox for £16 and it came rammed with skins and old BIOSes, some of which I recognise and many I don't. Perhaps someone would like them for archival purposes? Please let me know
  14. This is one i made earlier using a component cable. The others are just yellow composite and red/white audio like I said.
  15. Thanks my crystal is all shiny blue again now

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