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    No Power

    I'm not an expert or 100% sure, but that sounds like damaged or fried chip/chips (cpu/gpu/ram/microcontrollers), if it's not problem with the psu, caps or broken traces. It also could be faulty solder connections under the chip. Try heating the motherboard cpu or/and gpu with heat gun/hair dryier. [This is at your own risk] Hope I am helpful
  2. I don't know the exact speed, but in xbmc my fan is set to 10%.
  3. My Xbox 1.4 is with replaced thermal paste (AeroCool Baraf) and is running XBMC4Xbox as default dashboard. While doing nothing the CPU is at 34/35°C and the M/B (GPU) is at 32°C. While playing games the CPU is at 52°C and the M/B (GPU) is at 46°C. Of course i can't check the temps exactly while playing and maybe while restarting the xbox (to exit the game, so i can check the temp) it droops maybe around 2/3°C. Hope that's helpful :Д
  4. I'm not an expert but maybe it's power suply issue or bad capasitors. When you change the fan to faster speeds then you also increase the current or voltage that is drawing. Look for leaking caps and check the voltage coming out from the PSU (power suply unit).
  5. I tried both the methods. The picture turned black-white and the black line shows. I think the games with the black line problem are actually NTCS games that are forced to PAL (then the line is still there, but at least i have colors). I tried playing a bit with the resolution settings in Xblast while the xbox is set back to PAL, but nothing changed (it's interesting why only 720p was enabled). I'm using cheap A/V pack. As i know it can output max 480p, so it souldn't be that different. I will try downloading another Halo 2, but PAL (i didn't know that it was NTCS).
  6. It's not going to somehow damage my eeprom (i have backup) or TSOP without my permision (i don't want to), right?
  7. Is that Xblast? https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8208 if it’s not, can I have a link?
  8. I’m using cheap A/V pack (so I can’t set the resolution). Soon I’m going to modify it with Xbox 360 video cable like that: Also can’t I try running the game in NTSC instead. I have done it to the Xbox (not the games) before and the picture turned white-black.
  9. Hi! I have a softmodded xbox (PAL) and i am having a problem while playing some games or running some apps. Here is what i am talking about: There is weird black line that shouldn't be there. I'm not having the same problem with dashes (UnleashX, XBMC, MS Dash), games like Doom 3, Call of Duty 3, SSX 3 or some apps (example: having problem with dvd2xbox v0.7.8, but not with version 0.7.4). As shown in the picture, I think the red section should be over the green one (on the top). Maybe there is something wrong with my tv (toshiba model: 32XV500P). I also tried different settings, but nothing changed.
  10. I have EEPROM backup already in another directory on my xbox. Is it safe to delete these files (EEPROMBackupBeforeLock)? I don't wanna mess something. Also i have some folders called HDDLoader in my E and F drive. What are they for and did i need them?
  11. I guess that’s the reason why the Xbox boots slower than stock. Every time on startup it’s checking for .xbe file in every directory (that’s listed in the boot order) until it founds it.
  12. I have a backup on my pc and know how important it is. Thank you! Did I need to keep the files EEPROMBackupBeforeLock?
  13. Hi! I was looking for unnecessary files on my xbox hardrive when i saw this: I realised that i have dashboard that i don't need. I opened it and saw that it even wasn't EvoX, but UnleashX (idk why). I already have UnleashX, but in different directory (C:/Dashboard). I need help which files to remove that are part of the unnecessary dash (I wanna keep the folders: Alt Dashboard, Applications, Backups, CACHE, MP3, PICS, TDATA, Trainers, UDATA and Video). Thank you!
  14. You can try making your own cable (if you have soldering skills). Here is the sceme, that you could use:
  15. Special thanks to KaosEngineer and SS_Dave for helping me! I transferred the xbmc files to new folder in the C drive (C:/XBMC) and created a shortcut that opens UnleashX. I put the shortcut in the application folder and in E:/Alt Dashboard. Now XBMC boots with the power button and UnleashX - with the eject.

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