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  1. I'll have to design and test the psu first. I'll try to keep it in that size or smaller (Shouldn't be difficult) and then go from there.
  2. One of the reasons I want to make some. I plan on making at least 2 of these systems once you release the files and I need power supplies so I figured why not take a shot at designing my own. What are the dimensions of the current power supply solution?
  3. Thanks. I was just looking for the connector. I want to eventually create DC-DC power supplies for the original xbox and I would need to source the various connectors to do so.
  4. Do you know where to get that power connector for the 1.0 xbox? I can't quite find it online.
  5. Looking really good. How are the screens mounted to the case? I see the holes for them, but couldn't see anything to mount them to it.
  6. Nice idea with the acrylic piece. I just thought it would be double sided taped to the plastic. As for the heatsinks, yeah I understand what you mean. I guess I'd have to print that in petg, which should be good for the job.
  7. Lovely work so far. I am curious about the acrylic piece on top. How are you attaching it to the top 3d printed piece, and how thick is the acrylic? I know if you release the files for this case, that I would be able to make everything but the top acrylic piece. I am also curious about the space above the cpu and gpu. Is there enough space to add the original heatsinks?
  8. The internet archive has a lot of the pages saved for news and the wiki, but the downloads section required an account to access and hence archive.org never saved all of the downloads.
  9. I'd probably see about making 2 of them, one in red and one in a dark blue filament. Would probably put a 1.2/3/4 (no clue which it is) and a 1.0 in them. Just for fun. I'd definitely let you know how they fit. It would pair well with diy component cables.
  10. I could make that fit none the less. It may just be printed in an unconventional way lol. Also I love getting xbox motherboards to fit in other revision cases. I added a 1.6 into a 1.4 case. Involved cutting screw pegs down a little bit and completely removing another one. Looking forward to release. Keep up the good work.
  11. Once you're done the initial design to a point that you're happy with, I'd certainly be willing to print and test a case. I have a few different revision motherboards lying around. The only problem may be if it's too big for my print bed. Edit: Just checked my printer specifications. My max print size is 235x235x250mm. Though I do have pretty colours to print in.
  12. I know you can mod normal ide drives to be used on an original xbox, just without the ability to read xbox game discs. These links hsould have some info. https://web.archive.org/web/20080821024402/http://www.xbox-linux.org:80/docs/pcdvd.html https://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?19300-Using-a-PC-dvd-drive-on-a-classic-xbox
  13. I see your model uses a 1.0 motherboard. Are you planning on designing it for 1.0 or just the 1.1+ boards? Also what connector did you use in that model to connect the power adapter board to the console?
  14. That looks really good so far
  15. I think DriveDroid works too, but you need a rooted android device for that.

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