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  1. You don't have to apologize for not getting further on this project. You put in the effort and got some prototypes created. That's more than a lot of projects ever get accomplished. I hope your other projects go well. I'd see about working on it personally, but uni just started so I'm going to be having very little time to do personal projects. I wish you the best.
  2. I have a quick question for you. What do the temperatures look like with everything back in the system? You mentioned the gpu heatsink is hot, which makes me think you tested the system without the HDD Caddy and Dvd drive Caddy installed. Those help to direct airflow from the fan over the heatsinks.
  3. I want to learn about the Xbox hardware, and I figure I need to start somewhere. I already have a few motherboards to test and then play around with, along with having a few miscellaneous items like a tsop socket, extra ram, and a PC buzzer. Kernel debugging would also be cool to try, and since I already have the main IC needed for it, I figured I might as well buy the rest of the components, and build a couple of the boards myself. Then I'll have one for a test system, and one for a retail to debug conversion. So to answer your question, I not working on kernel stuff right now, bu
  4. Well I don't see how this is rare. looks like a standard modded console to me.
  5. Hi, I hope you enjoy this lovely community and that you have a great time playing original xbox games.
  6. What that board does is replaces the expensive board found in original devkits, and allows for people to use a serial port on the console. This is done through super i/o, and is mainly used for kernel debugging with WinDbg. The particular board I linked to in my first post was created by xbox7887 on the XboxDev discord. It also contains a USB serial converter allowing you to connect it very easily to modern PCs.
  7. Lucky you. I know I couldn't get my hands on official hardware. Though I'm not afraid of soldering so I will just convert a retail console and solder up a board for kernel debugging.
  8. Are you using official Microsoft hardware, or a diy solution for debugging?
  9. Hi. Glad that you've decided to join this wonderful community. You'll interact with lots of people here, and I'm sure you'll have a great time. Enjoy your new toy.
  10. Building off of what SS_Dave said, I used X2 Bios Manager v2.3 to create my 1MB bios file to flash to my x2.6.
  11. I'd say the fact that XBTool auto identifies it as EvolutionX M7 is as good of proof as any. Just above the checksum at the top of the program, right along with the kernel version. If I had to take a guess from what I can see, they just used the M7 bios and edited it to look exactly how they wanted it to. Most of it was probably edited using XBTool, and then what they couldn't edit with that, they probably used something like kernelbasher to edit. Though I cannot confirm that last part as my pc is missing a necessary dll to be able to run it. I guess you could always try to recreate it
  12. Something definitely seems strange. Have you tried using IGR from an older version of evoxdash?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, it is classified as a hardmod. I know if you mess it up, then you need to install a modchip, or flash the tsop flash chip directly with a new bios.
  14. I don't think you can lock those adapters. If that's the case, it would only work on hard modded systems. But since titchgamer has a hard modded system, that wouldn't be an issue.

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