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  1. I’ll won’t get to work on it till the weekend , thanks for your help and cross your fingers.
  2. So i tried Xbox installer and it is rejected by the system. same message i get from any dvd r\ cdr ive tried.
  3. Nope sadly I don’t even remember where to get that stuff. This machine hasn’t run in 15 years. I just remember turning it on having an M.S. controller in a port and it worked.
  4. The video in the link shows the boot up with out the HDD and dvd drive detached, the pics are just boot up with said detached parts reconnected.
  5. Ok so, tried that and still get ms dash. Made sure I had of ms controller as well. No XeniumOS. Now I’m at a loss.
  6. The eject button also flashes with out HDD and dvd. But I figured that is because nothing is attached.
  7. Ok so, with out HDD and dvd drive attached I get Just the xenium logo. With HDD and dvd attached It boots ms dash!. I’d post pics but I have no way to change file size on iPad. Pics are 2.7 mb a piece
  8. Hey guys, finally blew the dust off my old v 1.0 hoping to have some fun and meeting new people.
  9. So after 19 years I pulled my v1.0 out blew the dust off of it. Turned it on things were not ok. Long story short clock cap pulled, damaged traces fixed. Fired it up and the Xenium logo comes up , some text in upper left that can’t be read lol then it just sits there and does nothing. Chip led is lit up red, used to be orange. Reset solderless pin mount and double checked D0 everything looks good....but again still stuck at boot up. Could use some input. Thanks in advance for patience as I’m sure this has come up before ..I couldn’t find it.

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