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  1. I added a Menu section to the evox.ini file and can now access my games. I just need to find a menu to access self installed emulators and I'll be golden. I'm not sure what the bios is, but my theory is if it ain't broke, I'm leaving it alone. Thanks for the help guys! I was afraid I had a disk failure or chip failure. Glad it was relatively simple.
  2. OK - I've FTP'd into the XBox... I can see the HDD and all the games, emulators, etc. So that's a good sign. Any thoughts on what settings file I should be looking at to fix the menus?
  3. I can definitely try, I don't know why I couldn't. I presume I would need to connect it via ethernet to my home network's router. I imagine the IP address is somewhere in the menus... What client is recommended to FTP into an XBox? I acknowledge I'm being a little lazy recreating the wheel with these questions; I am glad to read a tutorial on the subject if you would prefer point me in that direction. Not quite sure what I'll be getting into, which file I'll be looking for with the dashboard menu settings, etc.
  4. I chip modded my Xbox 20 years ago when I was in college. Not sure the type of chip but I can find out if need be. Evolution X executor rox my box load screen. Fast forward and now I have 4 kids who have resurrected the Xbox, ages 4-11. I suspect one of the kids messed up the bios but I really don't know. One day, the kids can't get into system utilities anymore and load games. Here is the screen it boots to. Not sure where to go from here to get the machine working but I can follow directions and my 11YO is as nerdy as I used to be, so I'm hoping all is not lost. Any guidance appreciated.

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