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  1. Looking for _Resources for the following emulators, if anyone is able to offer up any boxart or images? MameOx WinSTonX And not so much (see my previous post): Kawa-X CPX3 Anyone who has any old boxart for these squirreled away from the past would be grateful if you could share.
  2. I upgraded my hard drive recently and still had some of the "old" emulators on there. I have Kawa-X, plus a Kawa-X Next, and a CPS3 emulator called CPX3 ... none of these old emulators seem to have any artwork under xbmc4gamers which irritates me. I put the latest FinalBurn Legends and romset on my hd recently, and noticed I also have an older CoinOps on there .. Also installed MameOx latest version along with a full set and loads of CHD's (although alot of the CHD games don't seem to work). My question is, are these old emulators even relevant ? Has FinalBurn Legends replaced all the games that were in Kawa-X and CPX3 ?
  3. That is the chip that is in my xbox, Aladdin XT Plus 2 .. I usually use method 2) L/R + Start + Back - will try method 1 later and see if any different At the moment I have reverted to using 'quick' IGR in the bios, but would be nice to know what is causing the double reboot. Google search finds a few other unresolved threads on other sites with same issue.
  4. XBMC as main dashboard, also have XBMC4GAMERS recently installed, planning to swith that to default. Does the same double reboot through both of them. Found an old thread with similar issue and suggestion was take IGR=yes out of the EvoX.ini file - done that and makes no difference. This file is probably a leftover from when EvoX was my main dash, many years ago.
  5. actually ignore this post , figured out it's the JAP game of Wreckless The Yakuza Missons
  6. Found agame which has corrupt screen on my 1.6 - Double S.T.E.A.L Is it easy to "patch" to use CDX or other loader , as per Rocky's patches? something I could do myself?
  7. So my default bios, evox 1.6 m8plus, and any modification of this I make, are causing a double reset when pressing the IGR combination. Xbox resets, logo comes up, hdd led flashes a bit, then a black scree, reset, Xbox logo comes up, hdd flashes and then dashboard loads. Played around with a few settings in Evtool, didn't make much difference. If I set the IGR to "quick", then I don't get the double reset, but I don't get the xbox logo either, just a black screen... doesn't seem like it's resetting twice with this option though. Any reason for this? It's an old (2005) fitted modchip ALX-2 ?
  8. So recently hooked up my old xbox to a HDTV - previously I only ever used it via SCART - found a few games that were garbled on my 1.6 and been looking at patching them up. I notice that Spartan Total Warrior is classed as "black screen and freezes"... well on my xbox, years ago I ripped the game from a scene release using dvd2xbox, and I am running this game happily in 480p. I know this because my tv gives a little text box showing the video mode when it switches. How is this working then?
  9. Waiting for another xbox to arrive to swap out the dvd drives
  10. Cleaned the Samsung drive of dust but unfortunately still failing to read... not sure why that happens when it was fine when it was put in to storage.
  11. Swapped the 750gb drive for a 3TB, had no end of issues with Error 07 (using Startech SATA adapter) ... spent days on it... tried some other drives, same thing. Ended up being the SATA cable! Swapped it out and boots first time every time.
  12. Long time Xbox owner... recently decided to get the Xbox out of storage... It was pretty mint when put away. Got it out and the Samsung drive seems to have stopped reading discs while it was packed away. How that happens I don't understand but .. I'm here as part of the rediscovering OG Xbox journey.

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