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  1. Hey everyone, I got an Xbox last week (Softmodded, seller did not provide information about how he softmodded it). The HDD is dying. I can read from it but can't write to it, therefore, I can't back up the EEPROM, but I got the HDD key. I was thinking of swapping the HDD but wanted to know if this is possible just with the HDD key using FATXplorer and using FTP to just transfer all the information from the old HDD to the new HDD. The seller is unresponsive, so I can't contact him.
  2. I try to install games to Xbox . Dvd2xbox wouldn't launch so I connected the console to my PC to transfer the files and reinstall the dvd2xbox application. Transfer is normal no issues by nothing starts . Neither the HDD ready games I had and most the dvd2xbox . I tried music videos and work perfect every time . Tried to transfer other dashboards like unx emustastion xbmc and all work fine. The issues are always with games and dvd2xbox application . I downloaded "HDD ready" from an archive to further test if maybe my files are bad but same. Tested different versions of dvd2xbox same . In all launchers it just goes black and I have to reboot
  3. So. I am thinking of a some what weird and not that practical mod. My issue is with space obv so I am searching for a smaller or at least thinner PSU and I'd like to know if someone has ever used different kind of disc drive on a Xbox like a thinner and smaller one again . I know it would be easier to do a disc drive delete and load games on the HDD. But I like using disc s . And it's just a side project for fun . I just wanna make a slim version while keeping the choice of loading discs.
  4. Once installed to be able to boot cerbios and retail bios on a 1.6 Do I solder d0 on this lpc rebuild to ground and then the 1.6 point on the OpenXenium chip.
  5. The Origins HDD image is pretty cool and pretty loaded, however, it does NOT have a proper MS dashboard or a decent main dash. C is full of some NKPatcher image and takes up so much space on the partition that the MS dash won't even fit. This is an avoidable problem and the Origins setup can be better, so lets try to address that and get you on Insignia while we're at it. Just don't snap any bowls before you do this... Wait 'till after. The first order of business is to get a hold of the OGXbox Installer and boot it up. Once you boot into the "DHCP and no BFM" option, select "Format and Setup" > "Format & Setup HDD" > "AIO Setup a new HDD (C+E Only)". Go through the install process and then go to the main menu and select "Install or Switch Dashboards" > 4.5 "Switch Default Dashboard" > And then choose your dashboard. I use XBMC, so that is what I will cover here. Once the installer sets you to XBMC, restart your Xbox without the disc in it and go into Programs, and then "Add Source". Navigate to the "Games" folder on F and once you can see the alphabetical listings for games and are in the "Games" directory as indicated up top, go to "OK". Verify the name you want for this source, as this is what will show up as the entry in your "Apps" menu in XBMC. Hit "OK" and the item will be listed in your dashboard under "Apps". Now do the same for the games on your G partition. If you have apps anywhere else on your HDD that you want to add to your dashboard, you can do it this way, and any executables in their respective folders within this source will be listed when selecting the entry in your dashboard. This part is important: Network settings, and it's one of the best parts about using XBMC: You can just select one setting and it will use your MS Dashboard network settings at all times, DNS and all. Go to Settings > Network > "Network" tab on the left of the screen > Then change "Assignment" to Default (Dashboard). Done... forever. If you ever launch UnleashX for any reason you can expect your network settings to be changed on you. Now that you have added your software and set up network settings, it is time to add the MS Dashboard. Add "C:" as a source, just like you did before with your other software. Name it however you like or will be helpful for you to know why it is that you are adding it to your dashboard entries. I just have it as "C:" because that's what makes sense to me when I go into it. Once you do, go into it and near the bottom, you will see "Xbox Dashboard". with the file size of 1.87MB to the right of it. Launch the MS dashboard, and then configure Insignia, as per the instructions on the Insignia website. https://insignia.live/connect Add me on Insignia: Bowlsnapper Okay, you can snap a bowl now and hop on Halo 2. Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a "Fix" for the Origins Image. It is simply a way to set up your own dashboard and give you a way to get Insignia going, as well as get rid of a softmod setup which nobody needs. I'm sure there are things about E or the image in general that I am not privy to. However, in all the time I've used my Master Image, I have not experienced a single problem or anything being broken. All the games that loaded fine before, load now. All the emulators seem to work and all the apps on F and G. If I could, I would engineer all kinds of fixes to make this a perfect image... but I just don't have time.
  6. XBMC with the MC360 skin!! INSTANT nostalgia hit there. I remember modding all my mates consoles and adding this skin to them. Already running XCAT on it now to see if theres any hidden gold. After that I will see about extracting the skin and uploading it. I'd love a version that worked on the latest XBMC. Link to download skin files : MC360.7z
  7. No bugs in here, just questions.
  8. hi again, some month later than first try on xbox 1.6, i had try again on another one 1.3, soldering was ok and a new one chip openxenium boots regulary, after reassembly the console, try to boot and the same sequence loop appear also on this new console... solder pins was ok because first 3/5 boot was good now the console loop boot until stops with blinking green leds, screen black and chip led don't turn on, if i unistall chip boot start correctly, on screen i can see the animation (until start hdd boot that i havent). i'm so afraid because is the second one console that don't start. Please someone can help me?
  9. I recently acquired this Xbox with a 1.0 board and wanted to try and repair it. After opening it up and cleaning it, I noticed the clock cap hanging on by a thread so I plucked that off. I haven't done anything else to the console and the previous owner doesn't know if it was soft or hard modded. I still get the same error from when I first got it which is described in the title. Below I will attach some photos to show off the condition of the motherboard. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Bit of a necro post but having had error 16 and figuring it out the hard way...I came to the same result and,I think, at least in my case, I have found something that appears to be an explanation and fits my issues. Googling further to find more on various Xbox error codes I found myself at this post. Being inexperienced in more than softmodding my own box and upgrading it's drive, I've never tried to just repair a random box, but I intend to do more this place seems perfect! Bit of a tale to this one... I bought a faulty xbox. Turned out it was chipped (super aladdin live) and the box was throwing all sorts of errors. Removing the chip completely got to a new error. The drive (upgraded) was not locked. Being once hardmodded that made sense. I needed to lock it.. but how? Found I could get the eeprom from the Xbox by soldering a few wires to the Xbox and dumping it using my raspberry pi. Great success. Finally got fat Xplorer to detect my drive, formatted it as standard Xbox drive and locked it. Booted up, all looked good. Then, error 16! This was a very new code! I found with some googling that this is is due to the system clock being unset. (could be wrong but leads to correct results and seems dashboard related) The box tried to boot the Microsoft dash to set this Even trying to boot a game failed. (On my other softmod box I could always boot discs regardless of the HDD state as long as it was there and partitions correct. That's how I would use a burned dvd to rebuild it..) Retracing my steps I realised my error. My drive was blank!! I placed all the stock files on the drive and tried again. All sorted Xbox booted and asked me to set the date and time. I'm waiting on a programmer for the aladdin flash chip. My hunch is Someone tried to update their chip and broke it? Unlocked HDD leading to soft brick as no way of using default bios? Edited 8 minutes ago by flip_flop Further info and typos. OCD, ADHD edit. Last one. Sorry if this is all common knowledge now but I was pleased to bring this box back from the dead. Getting the eeprom dump.. whoever found that i2c connection. Genius
  11. I’ve done a little digging lately and it seems there are quite a few options these days for wireless support of more modern controllers. I’m looking to avoid a ton of cables going everywhere for 4 controller support. The Brook Wingman XB2 is a nice option, but requires 4 of them, similar to the OGX360 module needing all four controller ports to be physically connected when in use. This obviously causes a mess of cables and gets quite pricey. Looking for some information about any newer/lesser known options. I’m all for making this myself and hopefully internalizing it. I just can’t stress enough that the amount of loose cables is a huge turnoff for me.
  12. I softmodded a series of XBox OGs in a marathon week but discovered an issue with model v1.6 and dualboot not working. All versions below seemed to work ok. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  13. From left to right: DVD Ready, DVD Activity, HDD activity, LAN activity. The DVD activity light is separated from the HDD activity light and DVD Ready light is present. How was this done? I know about the HDD activity signal, but that is handled on the right of this little custom housing. The left two LEDs are the ones I am wondering about. I assume it involves tapping onto the DVD ROM drive PCB. @KaosEngineer
  14. I installed the Origins based image and upgraded to 128MB of RAM. Also added an SPDIF port for digital audio. If you would like it, please make an offer. Thanks guys
  15. I have SNES9Xbox, and I want to play some 4 player Bomberman and NBA Jam, but players 3 and 4 don't seem to work. Is there a setting in SNES9Xbox (I use version vb6.153) to enable multitap support? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  16. I have this listed on ebay for $850 but would sell on Paypal or Venmo for $750 since I wouldn't have to pay fees. The CPU is upgraded to a 1.26 GHz Tualatin, but it overclocks to 1.42 GHz without issue. See ebay listing here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335333381339
  17. Hi. I have been stuck on this for a few days now. I have managed to softmod my 1.6 (broken IDE slowed me down but I finally got the HDD switch out to work). Now I'm trying to find out how to download Emulators and ROMs. I'm networked with my xbox on my old ThinkPad running WinXP. I can't find a FileZilla that works with WinXP. I found Stella for Atari 2600 but I can't figure out how to get it to unzip or not unzip and then transfer to the xbox. I've also downloaded River Raid ROM. I can see the folders... then I go to my Unleashed screen on Xbox and I see the files ONLY in FILE EXPLORER. I find the file for Stella and River Raid but then I push A and nothing happens. It just sits there. I'm frustrated. All the videos and tutorials SKIP the download and zip or unzip and just have the right file ready to transfer. Do I need an FTP? Or can I just use network connection? Do I use WinRAR to unzip both the Emu file and the ROM? Grrr. Any assistance is appreciated. Gator
  18. This thread will demonstrate how the xbox jewel can be removed, and in a pair of follow-up posts how a hole for it can be made on the xbox cover, all in a very low-tech manner. I'm not confident enough to call these tutorials, but they may be helpful. First: removing the jewel. I grab a couple feet of dental floss and stuff it under the edge of the jewel with a card or what have you. Then I dribble some rubbing alcohol down there, because in my experience rubbing alcohol acts as a mild solvent on the adhesive pad thingy underneath. Whatever helps. By the way it was another modder, not me, who invented the floss method. I start flossing while keeping the arms of the floss in that letter U shape. I'm going to add more alcohol in a minute and re-position the floss at the other side of the jewel then continue working it. After a while the floss approaches the middle of the jewel and it starts to bind, that's when I add some mineral oil to lubricate everything. Pretty much any type of oil will do though. The whole mess starts to look like this... Getting farther in, the floss wants to bind again despite the oil. I don't want it to snap. I lift one of its arms to a 90 degree angle and slowly work the floss back into action. Eventually the jewel is off. This took maybe 10 minutes.
  19. I’ve been running into issues left and right after swapping from and OpenXenium with the HD+ to Nemesis Xenium. I finally got everything up and running fine and seemingly no issue at all with the swapping. Updated to the latest PrometheOS and HD+ firmware before the swap. I can play around in Prometheos as long as I want, doing FTP, flashing banks, etc. As soon as I load into Cerbios HD I get the normal XBMC login screen, but that’s as far as I can get. It freezes almost every time I attempt to sign in. Once I was able to login, but it froze when I clicked on apps. I’ve done a full reformat and reinstall of everything. Also have made sure I’m running the latest XBMC4Gamers. I was trying UDMA 6 and then tried UDMA 5 on a brand new 2TB HDD, with the same results. Anyone else ever run into something like this? This is happening on my precious Skeleton that I’ve slowly been trying to get done.
  20. Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with an original xbox that will turn on, with a solid green light for a second, then turn itself off. Then back on with an orange blinking light, then turn itself off and on again until finally staying on with a blinking orange light with it's fan running what I think is full power (haven't confirmed this). I can open the disc tray when in this state, but I can't power the xbox off unless I unplug the power from the back. I opened up the xbox. I believe it's a v1.2 motherboard. It was in pretty good condition I thought considering the original owner said it sat in a closet for the past decade or so. This xbox was not modded. I read that an orange blinking light could mean the xbox was overheating, which would explain the high fan speed. So I removed the old thermal paste, and added new thermal paste, put it back together, plugged it in, and the same issue is happening. I have tried a brand new A/V cable and power cord that I bought on amazon and that didn't seem to make a difference. Does anyone know what an orange blinking light and this sequence of powering on and off mean? I can't find good documentation on it anywhere. I'm also looking to try anything else at this point if you have any recommendations. Here is a link to a video of the symptoms described above and some pictures of the montherboard. Thanks for any help in advance! https://imgur.com/a/7hMZWFn?
  21. ENDGAME 8MB Cerbios Flasher & UX Dash Installer I am posting a mirror of the TSOP flasher utilizing the Endgame exploit. This means that no savegame exploit is necessary. Just a memcard or USB drive with a stock Xbox. Will also Install a basic version of UnleashX to get you started with something. Mega Link: https://mega.nz/file/lzcFBRqb#SdqDkbwJ5qQuD_Md6aXht6shgPiD1A_N27e4X7D8b9o --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use this as a starting point to maybe run the OGXbox installer that Sweet made! Very fully featured and handy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credit for this flasher/software goes to SweetDarkDestiny. I do NOT take credit for this. https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/437-endgame-8mb-cerbios-flasher-ux-dash-installer/#comment-833
  22. Darkwatch Launcher What is Darkwatch Launcher? First some background. Darkwatch was released on PS2 and Xbox. The PS2 version has split-screen cooperative campaign. For the Xbox version, they removed split-screen coop in favor of having an Xbox Live mode. Some Russians figured out how to resurrect the coop mode. The discussion can be found here: https://www.emu-land.net/forum/index.php/topic,69320.0.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en. The caveat is that the functionality to save/load the coop progress does not exist in the Darkwatch game files. Coop progress is saved (in the RAM) until the system is reset, at which point it restarts at the first level. The solution? Darkwatch has 17 different chapters or levels. By hex editing the default.xbe with a different starting level code, coop progress can be resumed where it was left off. That's where Darkwatch Launcher comes in! I made Darkwatch Launcher with CDX. It gives you the ability to launch Darkwatch with chapter selection for Coop, or you can launch into the original Live-enabled version. So what is Darkwatch Launcher Package? Darkwatch Launcher requires 18 different patched XBE's to function. Darkwatch Launcher Package includes a .BAT script file which generates and patches the 18 different XBE files. It also includes the launcher files and folder structure. NO GAME FILES ARE INCLUDED! You will need to source those yourself. 480p, Widescreen? Darkwatch Launcher Package's patcher script also allows you to patch the game files with a 480p fix and/or widescreen. The 480p fix patch can be found floating around online. The widescreen patches can be found here: http://ps2wide.net/xbox.html. Why? Because I, like many people, search for couch coop games to play with my friends/family. It is scarcely known that Darkwatch can be patched for split-screen coop, and due to the inaccessibility of the patches and the difficulty resuming progress, I believe it is oft ignored. Darkwatch plays like a zombie/vampire western version of Halo. It is worth your time if you are looking for more couch coop FPS experiences. The Xbox version also has advantages over the PS2 version: 480p, widescreen, and in coop, both players play as Jericho, making cutscenes logical. Download (CONTAINS NO GAME FILES) https://www.mediafire.com/file/g26zg88i1r1fzn3/Darkwatch_Launcher_Package_v1.2.zip/file
  23. Everything you see up top for 40 shipped. 2X7 pin header, though... not 2X6.
  24. Please help! I have just installed an new 40gb ide hdd and a pc dvd drive (just to get my modded xbox to boot) I put the OGXBOX Cerbio installer dvd into the drive and it booted to the ogxbox menu It recognised taht i had a new HDD and asked if i wanted to format it which i did (i can now see C,E and F drives) I then flashed my alladin modchip v1.6 with the cerbios bio which worked. but when i try to install a dashboard off the dvd it just hangs and wont do anything,just says please wait and empty progress bars. This means the xbox wont boot unless the OGXBOX installer disc is in the drive as there is no dashboard. Have i missed something? What am i doing wrong Thanks in advance for any help.
  25. Hey all! I have a 1.0 that spools up to boot for about 2 seconds and then shuts down. Does that twice and then I can get it to stay powered with a FRAG 50/50 but never has any detectable video output. Not hard modded. I pulled the five Caps by the CPU and they all checked within limits. Clock cap is removed and there is not trace rot. Power supply works normal with other 1.0 boards. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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