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  1. The latest softmod is Rocky5's (a.k.a. JCRocky5) Xbox Softmodding Tool v1.1.2 (source repo) last updated 29 days ago today. Video tutorials (2): First video is a bit dated as there's an updated 2017 release of the Xbox Softmodding Tool with a slightly different UI shown in the second video below. Rocky5 mentions that v1.1.2 hasn't been released yet in the last 3minutes of the following video. It has been released latest update Aug 17, 2017. a month after the Test Build Overview video was released.
  2. This is the only feature that I'm not sure the Aladdin XT plus 2 supports: Can be used with any Modchip that uses LPC pin #4 for D0 for a solderless connection I think you could solder a wire from the Aladdin XT plus 2's D0 pad to pin 4 of the header. I've not doubled checked to make sure there is no connection (N/C) to that pin but as it was unused in v1.0-v1.5 ogXboxes ... should be a good ASSumption. IIRC, pin 4 has no connection for a lot of modchips. 1.0-1.5 Xbox's have no thru-hole pin at this location on the LPC debug header. With the advent of solderless adapters, hacker teams added D0 connection to this unused pin thus eliminating the need to solder a wire to the modchip and ogXbox motherboard for D0 point connection. LPC Debug Header ogXbox v1.0-1.5 (No pin 4 hole). This is really a v1.0 LPC debug header but other versions were similar - not filled with solder. LPC Debug Header ogXbox v1.6 (pin 1 white arrow/square pad) all odds on bottom row (same side as pin 1) and all even pins on top row. Team Xecuter's X3 pin header install guide for a v1.6 Xbox shows that pin 4, 6 (always on 5Vdc) and 16 are removed from the pin header before soldering into place in the ogXbox motherboard's LPC Debug port.
  3. The Xecuter Xapt3r v1.6 was a universal adapter that worked with any LPC installed modchip. I think the Xenium S.P. adapter did as well. S.P.Ice.pdf
  4. I didn't know that anyone was still selling such an adapter for the ogXbox. Looks like it should work! Good luck!
  5. Xenium S.P ICE adapter works as I have an 1.6 with it installed. There are tiny spring wires that fit into vias to re-connect each of the required signals that MS removed from the LPC debug header for the modchip to work. (still looking for my pictures of S.P ICE adapter.. Will update when I locate them, Don't think I ever took any real good pictures and deleted them. ) The following are not pictures in my Xbox but the Xenium S.P. ICE modchip kit's components. The solderless adapter has 3 parts. The plastic guide shield to align the spring wires into the proper vias (which mine is missing), the black pin header with 1 lead and the white adapter that plugs into the first's pin header then the modchip on top of the entire contraption. As, the modchip was already installed in this used v1.6 ogXbox, the USB to controller port adapter was missing and the header thru hole inserts. Also, there was no fail-safe plastic guide making it a real pain in the a** to get the wires back into the correct vias. Team Xecuter's Xapt3r v1.6 did too
  6. I'm not quite sure how it's setup. There are two for 1.0-1.5 Xbox's m8plus.bin - Partition 6 Takes the Reset of the Drive and IGR more compatible m8plus.fc.137.bin - Partition 6 and 7 but don't see why labeled fc as it doesn't look for the dashboard first on F then on C. MD5 hashes for various M8Plus BIOS files: 94acfb5b4ddd81515386e733ea0020f3 m8plus.bin on hexen 2017 disc bec9f026e59b170ef24142b7a71a8a3c m8plus.fc.137.bin on hexen 2017 disc which doesn't match any of the M8plus.bin files official or configurations I patched with EVTool 1.0.9: DFC6288F6B67FD021E1970491C64C0A0 Official release M8plus.bin EB2E705A3C4B8F3D196025B91C8DBCE7 M8plus 67 patched with IGR More Compatible 64FB05A5DD69E0B3BB40CE9E5B01C3C6 M8plus 67 patched with IGR Quick as their dashboard search list has been modified from the official release which I also used in the patched BIOS's. One character changed and the MD5 hash is different. The reason you have to add the MD5 values computed for each update you make to a BIOS to get it recognized in EvoX dashboard, etc. You can tell if they contain the latest LBA48 by running XBPartitioner 1.3 at the top of the page it'll tell you the version of the patch. If not v2 or later, you'll get a pop-up on startup that you don't have LBA48 support in the BIOS.
  7. You can check the pass code and/or password set for menu options by FTP'ing a copy of UnleashX's config.xml file to your PC and open it in a text editor. They are saved in cleartext. <List Text="3.5.2. Clean C partition after TSOP flash" Sort="Off" Batch="True" Passcode="AYBX">
  8. ind-bios 5003 or the beta Feb-11-2005 (aka 5004) or EvolutionX's M8plus after using EVTool 1.0.9 to patch in the latest LBA48 support as the official release does not have it already applied. Open... the m8plus.bin file in EVTool1.09 select the Partition 6 Takes Rest of the Drive or Partition 6 Takes up to 137GB / Partition 7 Takes Rest option in the LBA48 Suppport dropdown then Save As... the updated BIOS file to have the latest LBA48 patch applied.
  9. IIRC, the tray and gears have to be in to proper location before re-installing the tray. You can (correction NOT) just press the tray in from any ole position. The nub on top of that linear gear has to fit into the slot on the bottom of the tray; otherwise it won't raise and lower the laser assembly properly. llamma.com's Thomson Tray Removal and Re-alignment tutorial: https://web.archive.org/web/20080724115622/http://www.llamma.com/xbox/Repairs/thompson_dvd_tray.htm It's included in the Xbox Repair Guide: http://adriancallaghan.co.uk/wp-content/downloads/Guides/XBOX_REPAIR_GUIDE.pdf Update: Developed by the person(s) at xboxrepairguide.com. When in business years ago, they sold this guide and, IIRC, along with others for PS2, etc.
  10. The most up to date softmod is the Xbox Softmodding Tool by Rocky5 @ TiZ. Gamesaves available for: 007: Agent Under Fire, (original or 1 of the 2 Platinum Hits releases) MechAssault, (original release not Platinum Hits) Splinter Cell and (original or Platinum Htis release) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. (original not sure if Platinum Hits works or was even released of this game) Try to access UDDAE, If you get the "Thank You" Easter Egg instead of the softmod recovery dashboard then nDure with UDDAE option enabled was not the softmod method used. Other sets of instructions, one may be clearer to understand than another, to start the Easter Egg or UDDAE are here. and here. If interested, see more on Xbox Easter Eggs. (Some of the original source sites noted there are no longer accessible, but, their instructions to access them are listed at the linked site..)
  11. There's a fourth model in late release 1.6/1.6b consoles. The Hitachi LG GDR-8050L It's tray has two tiny (~1/4") holes on both sides of the central spindle further apart than the Samsung but close to the same horizontal line. It can be viewed here, but doesn't show the two tiny holes on either side of the slot. (IIRC, Derf_Jagged one of the originalxbox sub-reddit admins added the Hitachi-LG drive to the 3 brand image Dave C. posted above.) The Samsung DVD drive has 2 large cutouts one on either side close to the front of the tray. These slos are missing in most renditions of the DVD trays. The site, racketboy.com, has several photos posted of Xboxes with their DVD tray open. One of the larger repair and replacement part sites I remember in the U.S. during the Xbox scene's heyday was www.llamma.com (now offline). The DVD drive identification image they used was:
  12. Not sure why the software's so BAD. Other Xbox-scene.com comments about the X-BIT flashing software and getting it to work. Silentscream__ wrote: The chip does have X-Bit 1.5 printed on it.? I can't tell from the pictures you posted. I think where it's printed on the back is hidden by the flash reflection. Can't makeout the digit could be a 0 or a 5 when i zoom in. And, can't make out the Y and B cable labels. The set of pictures I posted must be the v1.0 X-BIT not 1.5 and they swapped the cable locations for black and yellow. The v1.5 has an extra white shrouded header next to the pin header on the component side when compared to the v.10 X-BIT. X-BIT v1.0 a different beast than what you have.
  13. Nice job! What did you use to clean the green paint off as seen in the first picture?
  14. The black and yellow cables look like they are in the wrong spot compared to the DMS install diagram. I'm not sure both cables are exactly the same. Some of the wires may be routed to different locations end to end. crossing over a couple for the USB compared to the DIP switch. I don't think they'd do that but they did provide two different color coded cables - one all Yellow and the other all Black wires. If these two cables were exactly the same, you'd think they'd have just used the same color for all wires. No need to two different colors. What this the error you received running the v1.0 X-B.I.T. Flasher SW?
  15. As I've never used one of those chips, I never had to troubleshoot its use. The Yellow and Black cables are plugged into the correct sockets. Looks like they are the same size.
  16. As the software was designed for older versions of Windows, you might need to enable compatibility mode for an older version of the OS to run the app.
  17. comes in handy now that xbox-scene's offline
  18. You install and run the XLink Kai software on your PC (or other supported platforms). It sees the Xbox when you attempt to play a system link game and tunnels your data across the Internet to other players. The GUI shows you other arenas for different gaming genres that are available for one to join and play. There is a Discord server called XLink Kai Fam. They play a different system link game each Saturday night at 8:30pm Eastern Time. For EU players every other Friday, they just played two nights ago at 8:30pm GMT as the 8:30pm Eastern's a bit late for them. XLink Kai Fam Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/MmEszm7 XLink Kai Fam youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCX0wH4clKjrd7cifrGdrzA Download XLink Kai v7.4.30: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/?go=download There are 7.4releases for Windows and Mac OS X (x86) along with beta Linux versions for x86 with and without GUI and the Raspberry PI. Next Saturday's game, being the first Saturday of the month is for a larger multiplayer game. This month members voted to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein. See you there! P.S. There are ad-hoc games played throughout the week via the #gametimeplanning channel. Join in on the fun!
  19. If the latest version 3924 is installed nothing to do there. Only thing I was thinking of is since it's a 1.6 Xbox. Most had problems getting FlashBIOS 3.0.1 running which is the recovery BIOS pre-flashed to the modchip. It has a separate 256KB flash memory chip to hold it. Recovery BIOS loads by pressing both the Eject and Power buttons to power the Xbox. If you get a black screen instead of the FlashBIOS 3.0.3 screen, it needs to be updated. To enter the X3 Config LIve screen if you've not seen it already, press and hold the White button when powering on the Xbox until it appears. There is a menu item to flash the Recovery BIOS (backup ROM) under Bios Tools, Upload the FlashBIOS 3.0.3.s dot bin file to the HDD (C, E, F,etc) to update/flash this BIOS (256KB in size). Select the drive and subdirectory/file as the onscreen instructions show. There's also an Xecuter X3 XBOX Modchip BIOS User's Manual online at http://x3.bustedchain.com. (Some menus may be different as it is based on the 3029 build) IIRC, DO NOT use Settings -> Password Protection feature it's broken. Doing so will lock you out without any way to get back in. A bug that was NEVER fixed before the Xbox 360 came out and Team Xecuter stopped updating the X3 BIOS. (There was some sort of x3_erase.xbe to fix it but .???) P.S. There is mention of reflashing the BIOS may get rid of the password. Haven't tried. The bug might have just been in older releases too.
  20. Pin header installation: https://web.archive.org/web/20051221231538/http://www.dms3.com:80/xbit_pinheader_install.htm Pogo pin installation: https://web.archive.org/web/20051221223209/http://www.dms3.com:80/xbit_pogopin_install.htm Stealth mode Power Button Install: https://web.archive.org/web/20070919005908/http://www.dms3.com:80/xbit_stm_power.htm Switch settings for BIOS selection: https://web.archive.org/web/20060610054321/http://dms3.com:80/xbit_bios_selection.htm PC USB Flashing Software: https://web.archive.org/web/20080625193349/http://www.dms3.com:80/cgi-bin/xbit/site.pl?page=downloads Links to other information as well all here: https://web.archive.org/web/20051222002113/http://www.dms3.com:80/xmanuals.htm Xbox-Scene.com Modchip comparison table: https://web.archive.org/web/20100806173024/http://xbox-scene.com:80/modchips3b_table.htm
  21. Oops I was wrong about the length of the stock cable. Its 21" not 24" Here's a side-by-side view of a 19" well closer to 18.5" 80-wire 40-pin and the stock Xbox 40-pin IDE cables. I've used this 18.5" cable before with IDE-to-SATA adapter and SATA HDD A very TIGHT fit indeed. Really need to take the HDD connector off the end and re-install so it protrudes from the opposite side. And, remove the center connector and re-isntall closer to the MB connection end. But, works turned end round. In this photo (yellow 80-wire cable), left end connector attaches to HDD (MASTER), center to DVD (SLAVE) and right end to Xbox MB (HOST). Both end connectors are not being used for their originally intended connection. The Asus 80-wire IDE cable below uses colored connectors that follow the IDE standard's connector color code. Blue to HOST, grey to SLAVE and black to MASTER IDE device.
  22. Yes, 32KB cluster will work for partitions up to 512GB, Over 512GB, cluster size of 64KB is required. Personally, I'd stick with the setup you have. Cluster Size - Max Partition Size 8k - 128GB 16k - 256GB 32k - 512GB 64k - 1024GB 36" is too long. the original Xbox cable is 24" but the connectors are not in the same locations as the ASUS/standard IDE cable. But, it works. Tutorial on how to fold a 24" 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable for Xbox installation: http://web-nine.com/projects/xbox/ide/
  23. Looks good. You could put all into just the F partition too using XBPartition 1.3 and 64KB clusters but all small files (<64KB) will be taking 64KB of HDD space. A 1k file will still consume 64KB of HDD space 128 sectors As configured now, the cluster size should be 32KB, small than 32KB files will occupy 32KB of HDD space. Install/run XBPartitioner 1.3 to check the current configuration of the Extended Partitions. Cluster size = ?
  24. Depends how long that cable is. Standard 18" cables barely fit as the Xbox used non-standard connector locations. DVD connector closer to MB connection. HDD connector protrudes from the opposite side of the cable. I've seen people use 24" ASUS 80 wire 40 pin cables search on eBay. But, those 18-19" are a pain to install.
  25. Didn't take as long as I thought to find the HeXEn boot disk and my DVD drive loaded it first try. No, menu section 2 is not the correct area. You want to use 3 - TSOP Flashed / Chipped Xbox Tools -> 3.5 Chipped / Flashed Xbox Disk Upgrades -> 3.5.3 - New Disk, NTSC Xbox.

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