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  1. If anyone is looking for files like this please DM me. I have it all and am Happy to help. Also while I'm here, here is the Mac version of the x2 Config Maker. x2ConfigMakerMACv2.4.1.zip
  2. I attached some schematics. If you need anything else let me know and I might have it or be able to find it for you. I don't think I have any board files, though I did see an OSHpark version floating around a while back so someone must have them. Hope these help someone.
  3. DNA64

    X3cp Crystal

    Gorgeous system! Questions: 1. What version is the system? 1.0-1.5 or > v1.6? 2. Has the RAM been upgraded? Cheers!
  4. I have some wires for this chip, I need to find the others, I know I have them somewhere, but I have what's shown here with Green Arrows.. https://imgur.com/y6xFs9x
  5. Greetings! DNA64 (aka viral_dna) and also known as `DNA` on the old #xbox and #xbmc IRC channels where I was an OP and Dev. I joined the scene before the release of the system which I picked up on launch day and immediately began disassembling and dissecting the console. Some of you may remember me, or know me from other scenes, I've been in a great many of them over the last 20+ years. I'm currently involved in the Classics systems that have been recently coming out. But the OG XBOX holds a special place in my heart, in fact, it's the only XBOX that does so. Sadly a great deal of my pos

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