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  1. I disabled it. So I can get an img to load for the Folder only by putting folder.jpg inside it. No img available and xMugen are the custom folders inside the homebrew section. Soon as I move off my custom folders to the right I'm presented with your default Missing Artwork img as if it unloads.
  2. Unsure how to install roms for my emulators in xmbc4gamers
  3. What is dragon you have me intrigued kind sir
  4. Heimdalls? Hexen 2017,2018,2019,2020 i dont really know of any others but i just got my blank vertabrim dvd -r dvds tested with a game and they work great
  5. Tried to solder the pads for a 1.4 and ended up removing a solder pad. When I try flash it just gets stuck at erasing the 0 percent shows. My solder skills aren't the greatest so I'm not surprised. I've since got some conductive paint/glue and tsop flashed a 1.1 successfully. Is there any other way I can manage to tsop flash this Xbox even though the pads gone?
  6. https://gyazo.com/8f116b4a34f4e478647879340b7f74aa what bios @SS_Dave do you think i should go with? 1.4v revision
  7. Check Facebook market place and your local classifieds ads for people selling consoles and ask them if they would sell one controller or something. No postage weight times then and can probably pick it up for cheaper
  8. So I want to add some LEDs now to my Xbox. I don't have an understanding standing yet of electrical currents and voltages and resistors it'll be something I pick up as I understand but if someome could point me in the right direction or give me we ideas on the things I might need? I'm curious to how many LEDs I could run or how to figure that out.
  9. Over the past week I've picked up 5 1.1 consoles with a 1mb tsop bank. What BIOS would you recommend me using for the 1mb chip and method to flash it via the HDD. Note: I don't have a way to burn a disc with something like hexen so far so I'd be flashing via the HDD.
  10. What would coin-ops version would you recommend me to get for the biggest and best collection. Thank you Smeagolized
  11. Fixed it got it working now I'm just wondering if a 15,000rpm HDD would work in the xbox
  12. I don't see any reasons why it shouldn't but I was thinking about buying one
  13. On one of my xboxs the molex coord doesn't power up HDD's I've been able to get the Xbox running by powering the HDD by using the molex connector from another Xbox to power up the HDD. Any idea on how to fix this?

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