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  1. That's just what I was looking for! Thanks a million, sweetdarkdestiny.
  2. Thank you, sweetdarkdestiny, that's a fantastic resource. But I was actually looking for the icons as they appear in the stock dash in the memcard manager (the savegame thumbnails). Perhaps this is not default.tbn? I may have misspoke or have bad intel, but whatever those thumbnail images are called, that's what I'm looking for.
  3. What a great idea! Do you have to hold them upright with anything, or are the vias large enough for them to stand in place?
  4. Does anyone have a link to a repo with the original game default.tbn files (the game icons on the original disk image)? I've overwritten mine long ago with cover art, but wish to restore the old files without having to download a zipped multi-GB game all over again. Alternatively, does anyone have a link to a repo with unzipped games where I could extract the .tbn files I'm looking for? It would be a great help.
  5. This is very interesting. I've never heard of a solderless tsop flash before scouring this thread. I have a very cheap iron that's just too blunt for this job and have been wanting to invest in a better one but am on a tight budget. I've already softmodded a few xboxes and am currently working on a 1.0 that I'm giving a facelift. Does anyone here have pics they can post of a solderless tsop join? Having a visual would give me more confidence to try this out. I want to tsop mainly to be able to boot without the optical drive. PS are there any alternatives to booting without an optical drive and not flashing a new bios? I've managed to strip the drive down into just a few small components and boot, but it would be nice to remove it entirely. Maybe there's a way to trick the xbox? How exactly does it signal and detect the presence of an optical drive?
  6. Well that gives me something to mull over. Thanks a ton for your help.
  7. How about recreating the ducting with a sheet of aluminum secured in the approximate location that the drives would otherwise rest? Is this a viable alternative to my problem?
  8. Thanks, SS_Dave! Could connecting an extra fan potentially overload the power supply? If not, then are there fans that would fit on the existing CPU heatsink, or should I consider replacing the heatsinks entirely?
  9. I just read in Huang's "Hacking the Xbox" a warning that the fanless heatsinks are prone to overheating if operated without the disk drives installed over the motherboard. I was just about to replace my 1.0 GPU heatsink (with the fan) with the later, fanless, one with the idea that I'd reduce the noise. But now I'm having second thoughts, as I will not be replacing the disk drives over the motherboard. Can anyone offer me some sage advice on whether or not i should keep the 1.0 heatsink? I may end up shaving ~1" off the top for a slim build. Would this eliminate the potential risk of overheating?
  10. Does this mean audio will output via HDMI?
  11. Have any pics of the rear or closeups of the internal hdmi adapter? I'm curious to see how it's all wired up inside.
  12. Thanks alot, SS Dave! That answers my question perfectly. In the mean time, I found this photo through an image search that might come in handy for anyone else doing this kind of work. I have one more question: how difficult would it be to wire up a toggle switch to replace the power/eject pcb entirely?
  13. I am looking to do something very similar to this. I would like to make the eject button perform the function of the power button. Does anyone have a working link to the PCB schematics or can post a pic? It appears to me like wires "1" & "2" serve the original "power" while "8" and "9" serve the "eject". Is it possible to swap the wires around to do as I intend? Any help would be appreciated.

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