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  1. Thanks for tagging me @TEK Nemesis. I am currently testing boards that @Kekule helped me make. We took apart an X-Tender unit and recreated the pcb thats in the IDE cable in that kit. Its original intent was for the X-tender itself as some of the older kits were made with 40 wire IDE but the newer ones were made with 80. Without 80 wires it makes it very hard to use SATA adapters though. This multIDE adapter we made can also work in a normal sized box with a simple switch on the back though. Its a solid connection among all of the ide cables plugged into it so it doesnt need a relay or anythi
  2. I made a few diagrams on installing with a xerc. Here are my diagrams. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bThk5VXbr3sn2VAvpik5914LFQCJXSQO?usp=sharing
  3. The XBMC4Gamers artwork is coming soon, I collaborated with the guy who's making it to make mine. He's got a couple more things to go, like a Disc Art and maybe a Fan Art still. He's waiting to release it for MVG's approval. MVG is the one who provided the original high def cover scan that we used for this. There aren't any good scans online. I will update this feed if i hear anything.
  4. I spent months collecting video's for every game. I dont have it all extracted and packaged yet. You can dig through the files of some games and get lucky. Freefall is one of them. COPY F:\Games\Freefall\media\presdata\Intro.xmv --TO-- F:\Games\Freefall\ And then rename it to Preview.xmv. After that you should have an icon and preview video on unleashx I would definitely be happy to share some files with you but we would have to connect on facebook. i dont want to blow a forum up. Until i get it all extracted and packaged up, its not something i want to publicly release. There are some m
  5. UnleashX has cover support. This icon i posted here is for my unleashx set and is not compatible with XBMC4gamers. Shrink this PNG down to 128 x 128, label it "Icon.png" and put it in the games main directory (F:\Games\Freefall\Icon.png). If the icons are all small enough (128x128 is good, 256x256 overloads unleashx too fast and it crashes), unleashx can support up to a 750gb drive full of games with icons attached. This also works with "Preview.xmv" or "Preview.wmv" for preview videos in unleashx too, you just have to have the right skin, that has the features activated, not all do. Here are
  6. Hey @TEK Nemesis, Have you looked at my google drive yet today? Last nights work on the diagrams really brought it to a level of finely tuned completion. I am ready for @Ryzee119 To add them to his Github now. Check it out. The versions changed and i added a couple more versions that were idea's that i put aside during the building process. I also updated the one i made for you a few months back. Look in the "origins of the idea" folder. Check out that google drive. It's nice now! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RyqyB42XzIUHupb7ZMqJmVH6tJKyBwMU?usp=sharing
  7. Lol, NO MORE RELAYS!!!! The wired Xbox 360 controller plugs into the receiver side of the OGX360, not the Arduino side.That's why I got the USB extension with the external, flush mount usb port on the diagrams. You would plug in your MS 360 receiver, your 8bitdo receiver, or your wired 360 controller to this added flush mount. I would need to get the wiring diagram on the X3cp usb pcb from @bluemeanie23 to be able to diagram out X3CP integration Any alterations you make to that system will cause you to lose original functionality though. I personally have avoided messing with ports
  8. Here Is the one i worked on today. I think this is the best one yet and probably the best way to execute this plan. This one takes the isolation of any port out of the equation and puts all control on the spdt rocker switch. I like that this one can be done without isolating ports. Thats a real pain in the "you know what". I will keep the folder updated if i build more in the future but i dont see it getting better than this one Here is a link to the folder where all the the data on this diagramming can be found: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RyqyB42XzIUHupb7ZMqJmVH6tJKyBw
  9. Alternate Method with an SPDT switch for more control. Polished clean and final.
  10. I sat down with a friend of mine and we made a final revision of that diagram. I'm not trying to post it a million times but this is polished clean and final. Cheers.
  11. One of my best friends just looked over the diagram and wants it. This is the same friend who is getting ready to go 6tb on his xtender. He wants the relay pack i put on that to control RGB lights by which hard drive you select too, so that'll be 8 relays in one box. lol
  12. Somebody just posted this on the facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10218787754545795&set=gm.2331007017170041&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  13. These drawing really help me for reference when i sit down to mod a box. The first draft of that hk3ff-dc5v-shg relay was on a 3x5 notecard. It takes a lot of studying in different places and experience to put some of this stuff together, I used to have 4 or 5 different pics i would put up on my monitors to get through a relay mod. A diagram like this is not the kind of stuff you can just google, but its a priceless tool. You gotta put heart into those kinds of tools. I've been at this hobby for 15+ years and only recently connected with a community on any forum. I've been a member of sev
  14. @TEK Nemesis, your switch idea really got me thinking about this tonight. I've been wondering how i would hardwire one of these ogx360 boards in. Even though Ryzee said that you can hardwire it without a relay, how do you hardwire on a port that already has something hardwired and relayed. thats where your relay switch idea comes in. it was the last piece to my puzzle. I've finally got it mapped out for my next build. Thought i would share the final diagram with you, i know you've messed with the xerc and built in IR dongle already and are probably trying to figure out this same thing. Now thi

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