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  1. Any link for the saves? This is pretty neat
  2. That's is indeed, wow, i have never seen one , only 4032
  3. Time to get one of these modchip with multiple banks Also, can you upload the bios file so i can test on my xbox?
  4. And on the Case is a Noiseblocker BlackSilent Fan (60mm) i suposse ?
  5. Which fans are those?
  6. I think this would fit https://www.ebay.com/itm/EverCool-VC-RI-R-Mini-UFO-Universal-VGA-Cooler-Red/252457072614
  7. Install another dashboard like unleash or xbmc4gamers 3:)
  8. Obscure It's like Resident Evil and you can even play it on co-op
  9. You will have no problem replacing the whole C files and then the ones on the E root, you can even "update" from evox to unleash lol
  10. Lenox


    I couldn't find the config file for ind bios, so i used a custom m8 plus bios with the path for xbmc4gamers and flashed via gentoox lol
  11. woah, just because you dont know how to do it doesnt mean i'm wrong dude
  12. You will need hotswap to fix it, also when updating via ftp you need to copy all the content in C, as well as the files on the E root

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