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  1. i think it's working better now the it was showing er on g and f but after formatting 6 or so times it now says 64
  2. i'm useing a WD wd2003fyys 2TB i have the pricey red one sata to ide i think it's a 80 it would not load if it was the old one would it? unleash dash not sure i bios it's tosp flashed
  3. what would you say is the best 2TB drive for OG Xbox? the one ive just put in my modded xbox sum time gets stuck on black screen other times takes a bit long to load dash
  4. in the Rar file has everything you asked for https://gofile.io/d/XhE6TU
  5. hi all i have a softmodded xbox that is my backup xbox ive bin trying to work out the issue for sum time with no luck hopeing sum one knows what is the prob my xbox will not boot all games sum load but the rast kick me back to dash after i try loading only noiced it on game all apps ive tryed load fine i can tell if a games not going to load as insted of the game pic on the games menu it just shows a green plan image and this go's for loading off the HDD and offical disc and backup disc
  6. anyone know how i can fix this?
  7. where do i go too see that info? i have the UnleashX dash as my main dash
  8. lol, i think i started it on me other soft modded only xbox and then moved too me hard modded xbox when i got it but i'm pretty sure the save was working on the hard modded xbox when i last used it is there any way too fix it?
  9. cool thanks i tryed that tolled me heath ok when i use a app to check bad sectors it comes back as all dead lol
  10. hi all i'm trying to load my project zero game save on my modded xbox every time it just says unable to load the loading bar don't go passed 0.00% anyone know of any way to fix this?
  11. hi all new here and new to thee xbox modding, i have a tosp modded og xbox i wont to check the heath of my drive as ive noiced sum saves are not loading i have a 500GB segate sata drive in it i wont to make sure the drive is ok and it's not just a curuped file ?

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