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  1. Yes,but different ones. On a previous thread on this Forum you identified the other Xbox's chip as a Xkiller clone
  2. Thanks but I'm scared that having it sent here or back to you may damage it, and it would be a real pity. I'll find another way to sort this out
  3. Oh yes, i am already aware of that. I've already set up an old pc i had with an ide port. Now im only evaluating if it's actually possible or even worth the effort. At the moment i m doing some reasearch to see whether it's possible to boot without a dvd drive in the first place...i read of flashing a bios that removes the dvd drive check at startup,but i don't know what bios my modchip(Aladdin XT 4064 on a 1.4 xbox) uses and if it supports this feature. I don't want to risk frying it.
  4. Greetings everyone. Here's the situation: both my xboxes' dvd drives died. One is a thomson which receives power,but won't read the disks; then there's the philips one which doesn't even get recognized. I have one of those lg drives for pc that can be adapted to work as a new xbox dvd drive, but i miss the yellow power cable to attach it to the mobo. So my idea was to get it from the power/eject buttons. Does anybody have already attempted this and some tips?Is it even possible?(i cannot get ahold of a newcable for experimenting for cheap,so imstuck with this). My idea was to build like a coup
  5. I already got them working. thanks anyway
  6. Thanks. In fact,as i stated, in the end i didn't even need to use Qwix, i just got the entire partions' files from that youtube guy. Since they contained a evoxdash.xbe and evox.ini file i thought they were right for my bios.
  7. I GOT BOTH XBOXES WORKING(without the dvd working for now). Both modchips ended up working just fine. Now my trial is to get those dvd working or to get an old pc dvd of mine to work at least for movies. For those interested i used xboxhdmusb to format a master ide hdd and then i restored C and E partitions from a guy who uploaded them on youtube. Just copied his files in the xboxhdmusb/hdm/C and */E folders and followed his instructions to rebuild the partitions. Thank you all, gonna donate to the website asap if still can
  8. Same Time zone then lol. By any chance you're italian too?
  9. Thx I'll give It a try tomorrow...it s almost 4 am here, and I ve been trying until like 5mins ago lol
  10. UPDATE: I was able to format the new hdd i intend to use (an old 80gb maxtor ide hdd) via xboxhdmusb. It made like 6 partitions that i can read with fatxplorer. Tried to plug straight into the xbox and gave me an error 7. So i guess i have to install a dashboard on it now, but i can't find the files i need for it(i guess i need evox dash since when i boot that xbox i get a purple watermark stating "Evo X"). Online i was only able to find people saying to use hexen or evox autoinstaller(which for obvious reasons i cannot use).
  11. Thank you all for the answers. I'll update this in the future if everything went as planned and managed to play some games lol
  12. I wanted to use the RPi because I currently don't have the diodes on hand.oh btw Would I be able to read the eeprom without desodering the modchip?
  13. I have some ide HDDs, do they need to be master,slave or cable select in order to work properly?
  14. As of now I'm trying to get the eeprom HDD key from the Xbox with a raspberry pi (found an amazing tutorial on YouTube). After that I'll create a new HDD for the 1.4 Xbox and boot it up in order to see what I can accomplish with what I already own...I really don't want to spend anything more with these 2 Xbox. Where I live eBay sellers offer working ones for 80€ and up and I don't want to end up paying more than this. If you have any suggestions on what to do for the Dvd drives please let me know. Thank you all
  15. The fact Is that I own 2 Xbox dvd drives (one per Xbox). The first is a Philps one,but I doesn't even boot when plugged in(doesn't open and if I insert a game dvd manually and boot the console it doesn't spin) and Xbox spits error 12. The other one is a Thomson which boots and is recognised by the motherboard but won t read any type of disk. So obviously I can't flash anything

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