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  1. And just realized that if I scrolled further there was a repair thread, though I am not looking for help so hopefully here is still ok.
  2. I wouldn't consider this necessarily a mod as much as a repair but I wanted to talk about how when I was 14 and had absolutely no clue how anything on an xbox worked, I replaced the laser on my disc drive in an xbox that was completely stock (at the time). Now I don't know if I actually fixed the problem but it sure seems like it. At one point I stopped being able to load games from the drive, no games worked except for some reason the JSRF/SEGA GT 2002 game worked every time that originally came with the system. So at the time, all I could think was that the laser was bad and that the only option was to replace it. So I went to Ebay and searched for an original xbox laser and sure enough found one for I believe around $15USD. I swapped it into my drive and its been loading games perfectly fine since. Only I don't know if that affected its ability to read other disc types. In any case, I've read everywhere, for the most part, that people who have dead drives have no choice but to go buy another xbox that still has one working. So the conclusion I am coming to is, why have I not seen anyone mention buying a replacement laser? Did I just happen to find one or did it not occur to anyone that you could potentially just replace the laser? Was just one of my thoughts I've had for several years and just wanted to share and see what other people thought or know about replacing just the laser.
  3. Thats pretty neat, i also find myself turning my xbox on and off a lot. This would definitely help me from walking across the room so much XD
  4. I'd appreciate some tutorial videos. I know that I am to run a static IP since im doing this through a x over cable and that pretty much the setup should be the same on my UnleashX dashboard settings. I just remember it not auto detecting or something. I have noticed that there can be times where it does time out or disconnect but its never been during a transfer process as far as I can tell. But I always thought it was probably not the best to transfer in the way I do. I just transferred a large batch of files (about 12000) for the final burn legends emulator I was trying out and it had no problems at all getting them on to my Xbox, though that is a bit different as the files might be smaller in size.
  5. So I am using Filezilla on binary mode to transfer everything I've gotten over to my xbox. I've had other games from archive.org work fine and others that don't. Red dead revolver and Halo CE were both redumps from archive.org that I got to work. So I was assuming it was a bad dump but perhaps it is the transfer that is causing the problem and that would definitely make more sense. One thing that I wanted to mention is that I do the FTP transfer through my OpenXenium modchip rather than through the dashboard. I was having trouble getting the ftp server to connect through the dashboard so I've been doing it through the modchip ever since I put it in. Just wanted to throw that in there just in case that could be part of the problem.
  6. I've gotten xiso's to run fine and with a quick load time.
  7. It never occurred to me that JSRF had been packaged alone and not with Sega GT 2002. Neat stuff
  8. I'm going to give vimm's a try. I completely forgot about that source. It seems that the more popular/bigger games seem to be the ones having the most trouble getting to work as I had tried most of the call of duty games as well as a couple of others.
  9. So I gave that a good read, seems pretty similar in process. I decided I should try to convert a game into an xiso that I know runs of the hdd fine. The game I chose to test with is Shadow the Hedgehog. So after mulleting a redump of shadow the hedgehog and using quix to create an xiso, I ftp'd that over in the similar fashion. Went to my games folder and clicked on the game and it booted fine as an xiso. So I think the conclusion is that there is something wrong with the redump I was using for the other game I first tested (which was Burnout Revenge). If that's the case, I think I may be stuck as to how to get that game working correctly other than maybe burning a disc and using dvd2xbox or something similar. Though I can't really burn discs reliably right now as I have no disc burner. I am open to any suggestions as to get Burnout working or perhaps I need to find another source, though I tried other places with supposed hdd ready game copies and they also failed to work/load.
  10. I hope this topic is not in the wrong section. So I have driveimageutils installed along with various things that I followed in this reddit post where KaosEngineer had opte4d his help with someone else. Link below: I have my dashloader configured in what I would assume working order. I looked at the dumped log file and appears to be working with the patch for running an xiso. I ftp'd a xiso that I made with quix and put it in my F:\Games folder along with the attach.xbe file renamed to default.xbe. Note that i have the iso and deafult.xbe in their own folder. Now when I load everything up and go to my games folder in the dashboard, it says attach virtual disc or something of that like. So I click on it and it goes to black screen and stays there. Not sure if there is something configured wrong with driveimageutils install or if I have an incompatible bios, though evidence seemed to point that wasn't the case. In any case, I'm pretty stumped and haven't found any threads dealing with the same problem. Though I should mention that I built the xiso from a redump on archive.org, so I am not sure if that is what the problem could be.
  11. Yeah what is going on there lmaoo, did you try wiring ram??
  12. yeah they are mainly from archive.org. I also tried a hdd tested copy from NextGenRoms as it seemed like those guys were fixing some of the errors that the games would have. I've been trying to get Burnout Revenge to work. I have a physical copy but its been tortured beyond use So I resorted to getting a ripped copy to work. I've tried the hdd ready archive and also tried extracting the redump version using Mulleter. I read that you can also split and mount an xiso to run but havent figured that out yet. Also I am unable to burn any iso's to a disc if that was a better option.
  13. Also, if anyone could possibly explain why some games transferred through ftp to play off HDD freeze at the start of the game, I would really appreciate it. I've looked into patching the .xbe and doing the acl processing through dvd2xbox but I think I am missing something or possibly just a bad rip.
  14. Hello! I've technically been a part of this forum for a year now but had gotten caught up and busy with college. Fortunately that is all behind me now and I've had time to dive into the modding community for the Xbox. This stuff is all new to me and pretty much learning how everything works as I go. It's definitely much more different than modding a 3DS or something of the similar like. In any case, I hope to talk with fellow forum members and learn from those much more experienced than I.
  15. I will be happy to experience something that I missed out on.

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