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  1. Can you share the working link? I'm looking for it as well. Edit: Found a couple working links at the bottom of this thread (the first ones are dead): Here's both in case one goes down: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AGw6zI-GlgZRjKc&cid=7A4982D46EC869A1&id=7A4982D46EC869A1!33011&parId=7A4982D46EC869A1!33012&action=locate https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e3C-cfXhNNbLFlujRK-UKag35ST5CcKU
  2. Cool, I think I have an old VCR in the garage I can open up and use for soldering practice, I'll need to get some wire though. Is lead solder the correct kind to use? When I'm ready I'll use the alternative D0 point, I already tested out the placement and the cable has enough length to wrap around underneath no problem.
  3. I need to figure out how to solder this wire back on, if I can reuse the existing solder still on the wire, or what new solder to use, and what kind of tools I need. A friend recently gave me a few soldering irons so I'll have to try them out see if they work. Even came with some lead soldering wire too.
  4. Sup Dave! Thanks for helping as always. Xbox version 1.1 Metal cage intact. Original AV composite cable & 7A 125V power cable. I took out the main board and PSU to investigate. The ground screws and standoffs look clean. But the solder on the PSU for the power cable connector is cracked, the connection is loose and can wiggle around so maybe this is the cause? I have spare Xbox's and can test a donor PSU. A new problem now though: I fucked up when I was taking things apart and broke the solder connecting the gray wire from my Xecuter 2.1/2 Pro modchip to the main board. This is the same connector that has the ground wire for the mod chip. I'm not sure what this gray wire does, but I need to solder it back on now... I don't have any soldering experience, and this one seems especially delicate attaching to a single tiny pin hole.
  5. You can stick the top cover in the freezer for 15 minutes, give the inside a good smack, and the jewel will pop right off. The best part is that as it warms back up again the adhesive is still usable! So you can just rotate it 90 degrees and slap it back on there. Not as easy to switch back-and-forth as the PlayStation but it's a start!
  6. I had problems copying over DOA Ultimate due to file name length issues, so maybe you're running into the same thing. It would freeze for me on startup as well. Whenever I FTP games over using UnleashX it can't handle the FatX filename length limitations, but if you FTP these titles over while running XBMC or XBMC4Gamers it can intelligently work through it. Try copying it over again while in XBMC and see if that helps.
  7. Hey all - I'm getting consistent freezes/stuttering on my hard modded Xbox. You can see and hear the stutters interrupt the scrolling in XBMC in the video below (turn up volume to hear it) and some of the stats change to "Busy" at the same time. This occurs everywhere, in-game and in dashboards like UnleashX, but this was the easiest way to capture it. I upgraded this Xbox a month ago and have been playing a lot without problems until now; copied ~600GB of data to it so far. I'm afraid I've just worn out the CPU/PSU. I even plugged the Xbox into my UPS to make sure it gets clean power, but it still happens. Specs: Hard Modded Xbox 1.1 with Xecuter Pro 1.2 chip. Flashed banks 1+2 (512k) with X2 5035 BIOS. Banks 2 & 3 (256k+256k) are unused. Upgraded 2TB SSHD with 80 conductor IDE cable and SATA to IDE adapter. Disk space split evenly between F:\ & G:\ partitions, formatted with 64k clusters. Thermal paste has been replaced on CPU & GPU with AS5. Clock capacitor removed. Tried swapping in and configuring a different 2TB SATA HDD with the same result. Currently testing the HDD, IDE-Cable, and SATA-to-IDE-Adapter in a different Softmodded Xbox to isolate the problem and determine if the issue carries over with the upgrade cable/adapter. Any advice is appreciated!
  8. Hey all! I couldn't find much information online about this so I wanted to post it here so that others would be able to learn from my experience. TLDR; If you don't have any compatible flash drives but you have a PSP1000, you can use it to softmod your Xbox! I recently softmodded my first few Xbox's and I was having the hardest time getting the save files to show up. I followed all the proper procedures and tried 5 different <4GB flash drives without luck. The USBs I used were being recognized as memory sticks in the Xbox, but they would all show 5000+ blocks and no data. After lots of research and troubleshooting I found some scattered information that you could use a PSP to do it, and it works! Here's how I set it up: Requirements: a.) Original PSP1000 (This may not work with the later versions e.g. the "slim" PSP2000/3000 or PSP Go) b.) 32MB Memory Stick PRO Duo; the original SD card that came with your PSP (Some larger ones may work like the 1GB/4GB but I have not tested these) c.) USB-Mini cable (to plug into your PSP) d.) Xbox-to-USB adapter (to plug your PSP into your Xbox) e.) Softmod save files (e.g. from Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool.zip) f.) Xplorer360 (to copy the saves from your PC to your PSP) g.) msvcr71.dll (sometimes required to launch Xplorer360; store it in Xplorer360's working directory) Steps: 1.) Insert your Memory Stick PRO Duo into your PSP (if it warns you that the memory stick cannot be read, ignore this) 2.) Navigate your PSP to [Settings] > [USB Connection] and press X (this puts your PSP in "memory card" mode and acts like a USB flash drive) 2.) Plug your USB-Mini cable into both your PSP and the Xbox-to-USB adapter 4.) Plug the Xbox to USB adapter into your Xbox and allow the Xbox to format it (you can unplug/replug to ensure it is consistently recognized) 5.) Unplug the USB-Mini cable from the Xbox-to-USB adapter and plug it into your PC 6.) Ignore any prompts to Format the drive 7.) Launch Xplorer360 as admin and copy the save files over per-usual 8.) Safely eject 9.) ??? 11.) Profit Hope this helps some folks! I imagine that not many people will use this method, but if it's popular I wouldn't mind expanding the instructions to include detailed Xplorer360 steps etc. For now though, I figured people would have sourced those details already since they're method-agnostic. OG PSPs FTW!
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I ended up not using it and can't see myself ever needing to, but I'm glad to have all the details.
  10. I'll definitely give it a shot! My SATA to IDE came in the mail today. It didn't like two of my 2TB drives, but I was able to get a third one to work. Wouldn't even power on with the first drive. Second would boot but the Xecuter splash wouldn't show up and it'd throw an error afterwards. Third one's a SSHD and it worked just fine so I'm sticking with it lol. Ran the New Disk setup in Hexen 2020, partitioned the drive, and I'm now throwing some of the extras like XBMC4Gamers/Emustation on there. So far everything's kosher. Next steps: FTPing over all my backup save files and games. Future steps: Building up XBMC-Emustation with emulators and ROMs.
  11. Hell yea it fuckin worked!! I'm running x2.5035 now. You guys are awesome!! Now all that's left is to wait for my SATA to IDE adapter in the mail, and then make a blood sacrifice to ensure it fits and my 2TB works with it lol. I already swapped in the new 80 conductor IDE cable just to make sure it's working. Had to put it in backwards since the spacing inside the old box is atypical. So now I have the Controller connector (blue) in my HDD and the Master connector (black) in the board, but it seems to work just fine. Fairly certain the cable-select/drive-assignment functionality lost by doing this isn't required for the SATA drive to function once it gets here anyways. Time will tell...
  12. Thanks again for all your help Dave & Ginger - I wouldn't have been able to get this far without it. With the 1MB Banks selected and flash protection off (sw1-off sw2-off sw3-off sw4-on) I booted hexen 2020 and loaded the Modchip/TSOP Flash tool and here's what I see: BIOS: Xecuter2 4976.02 - Where do I see the current BIOS size? (I would assume it would just match the DIP switch bank selection?) - And how do I switch between memory banks to see what's on each one? I'm assuming I power it off, change the DIP switches, boot back into the Modchip/TSOP tool separately for each bank? I'm not sure I fully understand this part. Aren't the banks shared? So if you have 4 BIOS's across the 4 256 banks you wouldn't be able to boot the 512 banks (1+2 & 3+4) or the full 1MB banks (1+2+3+4) together and vice-versa. So If I flash 1+2 with a 512 BIOS, then 1 & 2 can't be booted individually? - Dave hooked me up with the X2.5035.67.bin BIOS and x2config.ini. I'm guessing I FTP these somewhere on the internal drive and use the flash tool to select that specific BIOS?
  13. So this means I can use the DIP switches to allow flashing and not have to get a new chip/sauter? Mine has the black switch to enable/disable the chip entirely so it's 2.1/2.2. And since it's a 1.1 Xbox with a 1mb (how do you know?) I would follow the first diagram and then use hexen to TSOP flash? sw1-off sw2-off sw3-off sw4-on (I never knew what those switches were for so I'm happy to finally learn!)
  14. Also I always wondered what this ribbon cable running from the chip out through the av port is used for?
  15. Here it is in all its glory:

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