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Modchip Lcd Wiring Schematics

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My start at Collecting the info on LCD installation utilizing different modchips and other means. These take me hours to create so I hope they help a few people.5c27a33fca7d6_Xecuter3CFAH2004KTMILCDWiringSchematic.thumb.jpg.951eac3e5fdf3d4e49ad8767fa589c8f.jpg




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I will sooner or later, my work schedule for January is jam-packed. The Xenium mod chips require a separate circuit board to translate info to the LCD.. It is called a spi2par, they are very rare. The one I have is the only one I have seen anywhere other than the website that used to sell them. An LCD with SPI protocol can be used as well, but they are expensive and hard to find from what I am told. I never really looked into SPI LCD's because I have the spi2par. If anyone has information please share it.

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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By Majoraslayer
      EDIT: This item has now been sold.  Thanks to all who were interested.
      This X3 chip comes complete with solderless header, wiring, front indicator lights and bank switches, and power button interface board.  This was pulled from a working system and booted right up.  I accept PayPal and will foot the bill to ship anywhere in the US.  As listed in the title, the asking price is $100.  Thanks!

    • By neighbor
      Hello World
      So I've finally found a Xblast Modchip but... broken one, before buying it, would be happy to hear any advices from the techy folks regarding this situation and what can be done. So seems like the guy who sells it, somehow succeded to crack that U4 chip, and cut a few legs on the Xilinx CPLD, which looks like - they can not be repopulated. The questions are:
      1, What chip is U4?
      2. Will the new replacement Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD need any firmware? (did not found anything on the xblast repository)
      3. Will the SVF from Aladdin Xblast Mod work in this case? (as I know, to launch XBlast bios on Aladdin Modchip, the PLCC32 must have the bios itself, then CPLD also should be written with something)
      This is how the SVF for Aladdin CPLD LC4032V-XXT44 starts:
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      I'm trying to get my old modded xbox working. Back in the day I was big into it, but I damaged the board messing with led's and eventually moved onto the pc world. I picked up another xbox from ebay and put my old modchip and my old 250gb hd in, but it's only showing 5gb and none of the games are showing up, so I'm hoping I can flash some new software on it and get it working again. I've been out of the loop on xbox mods for over 10 years, but everyone says hexen will have the software I need, so here I am

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