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  1. the psu doesn't determine the video output signal but the bios does. in this case he was referring to 220V psu as many countries (in Europe all i think) use PAL and in conjunction with 220-240 Volt for the psu
  2. i hear you but my offer still is up in case you don't find a 220 psu. i would part with my psu but it won't be of any help since it's not suitable for a v1.6. on the other hand who said that you need to send your board and psu the day i send mine? buying one on AE or ebay and shipping it to you will take as long as sending my stuff to you. up to you it's a 1.1 tsopped board with 220v psu
  3. so you got a v1.6 xbox with a 110V psu but you need a 220V psu, correct ? i could offer a trade. i don't have a 220v psu for a 1.6 but for 1.2-1.4 (not sure atm but it's not v1.6) and I have the motherboard to it as well. so if you send me your 1.6 110v psu and board I'll send you a v1.2-4 mobo with the matching 220v psu. let me know what you think about it.
  4. can't do better pictures. what looks like some smudge in the last pic next to the solder actually is a reflection. I had another v1.0 board today and tsop worked just fine with the same points soldered. and like i stated: i do have continuity across the bridges. that's what puzzles me the most.
  5. hijacking here as it's the same topic although a different problem: Softmod on v1.0 done and solder points for tsop applied. starting hexen works fine until i want to flash and Hexen tells me that is can't access the tsop chip to erase and write. soldered bridges have continuity to adjacent points(see orange lines) clock cap is removed no traces corroded and in need of fixing . any ideas or do I need to provide more info ?
  6. can i replace 3300uF 6.3v capacitors with 3300uF 10v ones ? got a 1.6 Halo box that is almost in prestine condition apart from being opened by me and all 5 capacitors next to the mobo power connector are popped. the only replacements I have at hand would be the aforementioned 10v ones that I scavenged from a v1.2 board.
  7. first off: i'm not an expert but here's my two cents looks like the D0 that you tried to solder to is gone completely. since it's not just a funny dot on the board but a thru-port (not sure of the correct term but it goes through the board and connect to the other side) there's a break in the connection now that possibly causes your xbox to stall. i won't consider the board dead yet but it might be tricky to fix it some smaller and solid wire might be a better choice in addition to a smaller or pointier tip on the solder iron. if your solder iron can be regulated in heat i'd set it to somewhere between 360 and 380 (celsius). that's how i've set mine and although i'm not a pro i haven't burnned any pads or traces yet. also i'd reflow/resolder the lpc pins on that matter to make better contact with the board since as of now the joints are a bit too sphericalbut should look like 'pyramid' rather.
  8. maybe this 'rebuild' project of the Spi2Par is of any interest: https://github.com/Ryzee119/spi2par2019
  9. i'd give it a thorough rub with isopropyl apart from the board though (wouldn't hurt it but ... ) since i'm a smoker myself it doesn't bother me. What bothers me are the xboxes that i've picked up recently and they're all reeking as if they've been drenched in febreze. can't smoke that much to neutralize that
  10. the capacitor (red circle) is know to leak and cause corrosion on the board. Remove the broken cap by either jiggling it back and forth or unsolder. youtube is your friend if you need info on how to do it. once the pos-cap is gone wipe off the goo with vinegar and q-tips and clean the area with isopropyl. no need to replace the cap as he xbox will run without it. downside: you gotta set the clock manually or synchronize over the web
  11. found this on / thru Reddit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8e-RNMxAYTzX0c0VV8yUi1IVXc/view
  12. although it's a bit confusing it makes perfect sense: RED led = write enabled, GREEN led = protected

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