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  1. Bricked 1.0 Tsop Flash

    Alternate A15 and DO under the motherboard
  2. Tsop Question

  3. Tsop Question

    No problem with the stock hdd and .67 f+g bios no problem, the only thing is you will not see the F or G because of the stock hdd capacity but when you install and format the new hdd you will see the space complete and partitions F or G depending on the capacity of the new hdd.
  4. XBox Alpha Development Kit Build Log

    Hi what is the password for the alpha recoveries and vga .rar?
  5. What Features Would You Like to See a Dashboard Have?

    A integrated trainer (cheats) launcher for unleashx, like evox dash and avalaunch has.
  6. hello, from the caribbean

    Welcome Modzie i am from the caribbean too Puerto Rico greetings.
  7. How to fix Trace Corrosion.

    Pictures for the version 1.0-1.1 trace corrosion repair
  8. Hello!

    Very nice!

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