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  1. I am rather concerned that this won't work because I flashed an X3 bios, and the chip will have to be permanent. I will attempt it and post back here with the results (I'm hoping I can film a video as well).
  2. Thanks for this, I do have a few questions though. So it should go down like this: Install modchip Flash the M7 Bios to the chip Follow those directions? Also, where is A15 point on a 1.0 motherboard? And it says connect D0 to ground, does that mean don't connect it to the modchip?
  3. I had a successfully flashed 1.0 mobo with an X2 BIOS. I got a little curious and flashed the X3 3294 BIOS and now my console wont turn on. Light turns green, fans spin and then immediately turn off. Honestly, I kinda expected it. But what are my recovery options? I know I can install a modchip on top of it, but I don't want to fork out an arm and a leg for a good one. Theres some cheap ones on ebay right now for about $5 and I'm curious if I buy one, install it and go to reflash, how do I get it to flash the mobo TSOP and not the modchip? Thanks for reading.

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