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  1. Anyone know how to install the RetroArch for original xbox?
  2. a possible dvd lens cleaner could fix the DVD drive to read discs... ..Also setup settings in the softmod ....system/settings/autolaunch turned on (yes) then save it....could help I used only DVD-R disc..
  3. the new chimp app off the Hex disc worked flawlessly...and locked the Harddrive no glitches...thanks again
  4. ok thanks....much appreciated
  5. What are the steps on getting it to connect. Any simple tutorials I could read? what are the programs i need? thanks
  6. I heard its essential disc for original xbox modding. Anyone know how to use it or find it for download? thanks
  7. I used chimp program, to unlock a hard drive , but when I try to lock it back up . The hard drive doesn't lock and i get error message. Is there a better way and how . thanks

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