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Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

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Alright guys. The time has come.

Here I'm gonna be adding an internal WiFi adapter to my OG Xbox because, lets face it, Wires are ugly, they get chewed by your dogs and people trip over them. and come on WiFi in an OG Xbox!!

Heres a list of Tools and Materials you'll need
Torx T20
Torx T10
Soldering Iron
Drill with assorted bits
Wire Cutters
Heatshrink or Electrical Tape
Dremel with cutting disc or small hand saw.
Assorted files or sand paper
Wireless bridge gaming adapter
RP-SMA Female to Male Pigtail
Rj45(Ethernet) Female to Male adapter
some Motherboard standoffs with matching screws

I got the idea from the youtube user "Thewheelman282"
Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zG8DQ3Omfk

To start you'll need to pull apart your console.
I'm not gonna explain how to because there are Many sources for this elsewhere.



Next you need to figure out where you want to mount the adapter.
again I'm doing what he did in the video and mounting it to the bottom of the DVD drive.
If doing the same you'll need to pull apart your DVD drive too.
Every drive is different, mine is a Samsung with 4 screws on the bottom.


Once you have the bottom half of your drive,
You'll want to Pull apart your adapter and mark out your mounting holes.
Now use your drill to drill them out.
Start small, you can always make the hole bigger if you need to.



Time to add the MoBo standoffs, I used 6 of them and cut the screw part off the ones that go inside the drive.
Now you can mount your adapter and put your drive back together.



Now its time to start cutting wires.
Get your multi-meter and determine what wires you need to splice into.
Since my adapter uses 5v I used Pin 01(Ground) and Pin 08(5V)
Heres the Pinout for the Drive side of the DVD plug



Next your gonna need to figure out where you want your adapters Ethernet port to be.
I used the same location as in the video for simplicity.

Now your gonna want to get your RJ45(Ethernet) Male to Female converter/Extension and see if it will fit. (Mine did not so i had to trim it down)


In the process of trimming it, I nicked a few wires so I had to pull it completely apart to trace each pin with a multi-meter and solder each wire back into place.

(Dont make the same mistake I did and take your time!!) I was impatient and rushing.



now you can Take your dremel and start cutting the hole for your RJ45 port,
Once cut it should look something like this.(Again I was rushing, So its not as clean as Id like it to be)
you'll want to test fit the plug, then clean up the cuts with a file or sand paper.

Then mount your new port to the top of the existing one. I used a few drops of Super glue to accomplish this.



Now you'll need to drill a hole for your RP-SMA Pigtail. (Antenna extension wire)
I chose to put it beside the Ethernet ports.


ignore the hole by the Ethernet port. Thats for my USB ports.

I put a piece of heatshrink around the metal antenna connector so it doesnt cause any shorts or problems once its put back together



Its a tight sqeez but everything fits inside nicely, just be patient while your putting things back where they go.

Now you can put it all back together so you can Admire all your hard work and enjoy your now Wireless Xbox.




Let me know what you guys think. This is my FIRST Tutorial/Write up.
Tried to give clear info, If you need any additional info ill be glad to help out.







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20 minutes ago, mooshue said:

waiting on parts to do this one too.  realized i need a disc to install the adapter.  anyone have the image of the wireless adapter setup disc?

i didnt have a disc. i just signed into the adapter using its IP address and set it up that way.


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You need to sign into your Router and go to "connected devices" then find your adapter by its Mac Address. once you find it, click on it and write down its ip address. The you type its IP address into your address(Search) bar and you should be able to set it up there.


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I just realized I have the original microsoft wireless g gaming adapter on the way, not the 2wire adapter you used.

That is the installation disc i'm looking for.  I'll have to try the same method for it and hope the xbox doesn't need any drivers.

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These kind of adapters don't have, use, or need drivers. everything is self contained pretty much. You just need to log in to it from a web browser to connect to its OS and set your wireless key all done through the network. Once all setup you can unplug everything from the router and install it the way you like in the xbox.

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Configured the 2wire adapter but it appears to only support WPA-PSK [TKIP] not AES encryption which is no longer best practice.

Are there any ffirmware hacks or updates that allow the 2wire adapter accept TKIP or am I really stuck getting yet another bridge to output legacy security models?  Any adapters that accept modern security profiles?

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There aren't any firmware updates/hacks that i know of, My network was already setup for to WPA2/TKIP when i bought my router/modem.
I'm sure there are other adapters that support the newer security encryption, Though i don't know any off the top of my head.


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55 minutes ago, linuxfanatic said:

Very cool mod!

Would it not be possible though, to add wires to the pins of the Xbox ethernet port and then route that to the WiFi adapter?

i wouldn't say it would be impossible, but it'd be difficult. it would render the Original port useless unless you used an inline relay which was more work than i wanted to do. and this way i can use the original Ethernet port and also plug my adapter into my router if i need to in the future. without pulling everything apart

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Does this work with the official xbox wifi box as well?
I don't see why it wouldn't. But the old ones like the official Xbox one and the one used in this tutorial use a different encryption so they are not compatible with modern wireless routers anymore...

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Tapatalk

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