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  1. Unfortunately once the next gen wireless such as N came out not many third party wifi adapters were being used as most devices now have built in wifi, so there wasn't a market for them. there were a few, but are hard to find.
  2. I've actually seen a few people talking about this all ready here and on facebook but just wanted to share it for those who haven't. A full tutorial on how to install a custom LCD screen in your original Xbox (NON-X3) that has a temperature monitor so you can constantly see what temp your console is running at to help prolong the lifespan and keep things cool! You can see it on my website by clicking the link below: Tutorial on how to install an LCD screen in your original Xbox console
  3. With the games you didn't deem as running well., did you attempt to adjust any of the settings to see if they were playable? I had similar issues with certain n64 games but was able to tweak the pre-launch settings or change the emu/emu version to one that ran them better. I was disappointed with how well the PS1 games ran too but wonder if there are certain combinations of setting changes pre-game=launch that could end some of those troubles... and if so... maybe if we found a combination that makes the game playable, create a master list.
  4. Yes they would have to hack another power source to power the GPU fan if it isn't a 1.0. As far as what was refurbed, don't take that sticker too seriously. "Refurbished" became a "call to action" or "sell" word. 95% of the time if you see a console with refurbished stickers all over it, it was just a way to increase sales and make people think they aren't just buying a used console to give them more confidence to buy. If this did have a refurbish job completed on it, it was more than likely the disc drive or a bad power supply. most 1.0's would have a thomson disc drive. if it has a samsung,h
  5. Is this the adapter you used here? https://www.ebay.com/itm/152851919878
  6. No one really sells these anymore because most places that "offer" them are rip offs. For instance, look at the copyright notice at the bottom of that website... 2000-2006??? Click on the "LIVE CHAT" button at the top left. It won't load and says the account no longer exists. This is definitely not a legit site. You know what they say " If it's too good to be true then it isn't true"
  7. Hello everyone! Just joined and will be upfront that I do own a business around case modding and deal with the original Xbox as well! I just wanted to share for some of you who are considering case mods since that is much less common than some of the hard/soft mods. I made a 4 part series that teaches how to build and complete an entire case mod for the original Xbox console..from scratch! Hopefully this isn't seen as spammy or anything since I am technically a business, but I do try to make a lot of tutorials so people can learn how to cut window mods and install LED lights, etc. The four pa

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