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Cannot get CoD: Finest Hour to load

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I switched over to the Rocky5 Xbox Softmodding Tool last year, and haven't had issues until now. I cannot get Call of Duty: Finest Hour to run. I tried my HDD Ready archive via FTP, then I tried the original game disc, and lastly I tried copying said disc to the HDD. I also deleted the UData/TData folder 4156002A. The game just freezes on the softmod loading screen for it. This is a v1.6 console.

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Check your Pal/NTSC settings in the EEprom and not just the dashboard, I have seen some other game that do the same when on the wrong video format.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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This is an unusual problem - have you tried launching the HDD installed game direct from its default.xbe using the file manager?

I tried a HDD download of the game in question (probably from the same place). No indication of region provided.

I created a XISO (C Xbox Tool) and burned it to disc with ImgBurn and it plays from disc or installed using DVD2Xbox on both a chipped v1.6 and a softmodded v1.6.

UnleashX dash installed from AID in the first case and a similar UnleashX main dash SID/AID softmod in the second case. Both consoles are PAL region changed to NTSC with Enigmah.

No problems with either.

The fact you used the original disc too and that had the same problem makes this even more perplexing. My first thought was ACL patching was necessary but that can't be the trouble. The game should play without that from the original disc or burned disc.

Apart from you've done, deleting the save files, and  SS_Dave suggested I can not think of anything else to add except to try deleting the CACHE file contents and anything on X, Y and Z. Its possible COD: FH is trying to write to one of those on loading and maybe can't for some reason. Reboot after clearing them out and try again.

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