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for some reason my text vanished above, anyway this is the drive i have been converting for xbox, the two mosfets added to the board are bs 170's one on the tray in line and one on the tray out line, this is due to this drive having the opposite state on those lines i had to add basic inverters to make them low going high.

2n7000 can be used for this as well as bs170, though from tests i have done with different drives its more common to be as the xbox expects(low going high), not the other way round, i'm currently waiting for some 74 logic chips as i dont have any as soon as those come i will fit the drive, but apart from that every signal on the xbox dvd power connector is as the xbox expects, at this stage i just want the drive working correctly it will read all media cd-r, cdrw, dvd-r, dvd+r, dvdrw(- and+).

the only discs it wont read are xbox game discs, but until my mate who works with firmwares comes good its ok, i decided to make a new topic for this so i can add bits as i progress.

one extra thing i discovered in the original sources on the net for doing this modification is that the data pin that is labeled as "serial DATA not used by xbox " is in fact a  kick back line, its function is to tell the drive to keep spinning but it only matters on early thomson drives, all other xbox drives including the later tommy drives dont spin down, the majority of ide drives of that era dont spindown either, they slow down which is ok what you dont want is the drive to stop, because we have no way to kick it back up and the data stream would stop.

there is no problem just leaving that pin floating, i tried both pulling it down and up and in both cases it had strange behaviours so just ignore it and leave it alone.

leaving a line floating is not something i would normally do but here its ok, i will add more as i progress.



p.s. i know it looks rough and ready but this is only an experiment anyway, also ignore the date stamps on the photos i could not be bothered to set the clock on the potato sorry camera.




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that's great, i'm trying to find other drives that will work, i have never been convinced that there are only two, there must be others, as for firmware have you ever noticed just how many different pc dvd drives use basically the same firmware?.

there are others, i just need to find them, the ultimate aim is to get an ode running on the ogxbox.

years ago people said "why bother messing around with dvd drives just fit another xbox drive" they used to say the same about drive emulation but the amount of good xbox drives gets lower all the time.

another drive i intend to investigate is the ihas lite on drive, that was used to rip xbox and 360 discs, those can actually read the media, there is a version that is ide though they will be old now so a sata board like we use on harddisks may be needed, i have ordered a new one from Malaysia though between the pandemic and overseas mail only god knows when it will turn up.

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4 hours ago, MadModders said:

 glad  someone is still trying it is needed tbf it is near impossible to find a replacement laser for any of the drives in the uk 

And, I'm not convinced that the lasers are dying but some other electronic component on the controller board, trace corrosion/rot on the controller PCB, or bad electrolytic caps.

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On 2/21/2021 at 7:14 PM, sinclairuser said:

that's great, i'm trying to find other drives that will work, i have never been convinced that there are only two, there must be others,

Check out this post archived by the Wayback Machine from the xbox-linux.org site if you haven't already:

Connecting a PC-DVD drive to the Xbox

and the PDF document linked on that page.

Even though this PC DVD drive could be used to read burned discs (modded console required), it could not read original game discs:

Toshiba SD-M1302

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