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Games To Hard Modded XBox

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Send them over - either with Please login or register to see this link.  which extracts the files from XISO disc images and uploads them via FTP or have Qwix extract the files and upload them with an FTP client. There are several other apps that can extract the files from the XISO disc image.  Please login or register to see this link. has a built-in FTP client to upload them to the Xbox without first extracting the files to the PC's hard drive like Qwix does.

Or, with a softmodded console (I know that using Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool works), upload the dot iso (XISO) file itself and the attach app from NKPatcher's Please login or register to see this link. - renamed to default.xbe - and edit it's internal XBE TitleID to show the name you want listed in the replacement dashboard's menu.

The above steps are for XISO disc images - dot iso files - NOT ReDump-style disc image dot isos. You need to use Please login or register to see this link. to extract the XDVDFS portion from them and upload the files extracted to a subfolder on the Xbox (e.g. /E/games/<game name goes here>/, /F/Games/<subfolder name>, G/Games/<subfolder name>).

Otherwise, you can rip the games from your original game discs with the Xbox App Please login or register to see this link. .


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Please login or register to see this link.

I ripped my games to my Pc, via dvd2xbox, now i what to ftp to my sons xbox, I did and then his xbox is empty in game folder on the dashboard.But is in File explorer.

I'm using Flashxp5 to ftp, I must be missing something, yes?

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