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  1. Just thought I would chime in and say that I found the software suggestions helpful as well. Thanks.
  2. PhilR

    Wireless Usb

    I'm sorry that I haven't posted back in a while. I was able to get an old wireless keyboard to work (Logitech LX 710), but the accompanying laser mouse has yet to show life. I don't know enough about the XBox to begin writing any kind of drivers, so I probably will not get much farther than this. I have no means of debugging or monitoring the inputs to the XBox. If I do make any additional progress, however, I will be sure to post here.
  3. PhilR

    Wireless Usb

    I will see what I can figure out. Not getting my hopes too high. Thanks again!
  4. PhilR

    Wireless Usb

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. In the unlikely event that I am able to make progress with this, I will post my findings here. Thank you again.
  5. PhilR

    Wireless Usb

    Not sure if this is being posted in the right place. I just began my first modified xbox project. I made a controller port to USB adaptor. I tested that it works by attaching a usb controller (I modified an xbox controller to use on pc last month). I want to use the adaptor to be able to connect a wireless keyboard/mouse, but i cannot for a lot of information regarding this. Are there settings I need to modify somewhere, or is there not a lot of success with wireless? The keyboard/mouse combo is the Logitech Wave Combo. I flashed the Winbond TSOP with EvoX M8 from the HeXEn 2018 disc.
  6. That skin looks amazing. I just got started with mods. I hope to be able to achieve something like that soon myself. Great job.
  7. Glad to see that there are still active modding communities. I was given an Xbox many years ago and finally decided to see what it's capable of. In the past couple days, I was able to find out what revision board I have, what points to solder to make the TSOP writable, common issues to look out for, and how to softmod with only an IDE cable and computer. I have never experienced an Xbox before this week, but it seems quite capable. I also made my own component cables with advice I found here. I'm very impressed with the community and the xbox. I have not been able to work for a couple mo

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