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Another 128 Mb Upgraded Coming From Far!


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Hello Friends,

I have started a new Xbox ( My wife will kill me). This time I took the time to give you some photos of my madness:

Step1: Disassembling


It was very dirty, this is a 1.1 version. I immediately removed clock capacitor (Yes a gamegear is also lying on the ground) and change thermal paste.


Step2:  Hot water and soap cleaning in the kitchen on plastic parts


Step3: The same for the shields


Step4: Shield painting to prevent corrosion (EMI points will be paint removed after painting). This is the grey primer, after I put what I use black or white paints.


Step5: And why don't adding more ram, this board is very nice. With help of my xblast lite, one chip after another.


Note, that the chip N°4 gave me some problem, after test, the xbox start then stop, I check and redid the solder 3 times, after first, no boot problem on Xblast, but the chip was not anymore detected. So I decided to gently remove it, and to replace it with a new one. And it worked, I could go on with the last one.

For people upgrading their Xbox, don't forget that a chip can fail even if it is new like for me if you realize bad solder and make a short circuit.



As you can see, it remains some flux. It is a bit hard to remove all as I worked for a long time on chip N°4. (Near PSU connector)

Step6: I have to confirm that everything is ok and check memory inside operating system. You can see after the last chip that XblastOS show 128 Mib.



Inside tool menu (in settings), you can test your memory. This is what you have to do after each chip added. My prefered order is chip 2, the chip 3 ( both bottom side), then the 4th because some caps take lot of place to solder and finish by number 1.


and finally check under operating system, to confirm that no blocks are failled. Some blocks can't be tested as they are used by operating system.


Step7: DVD cleaning, Pot settings, new belt installation and Ide to Sata improvements.


As you can see, I replace always jumper by solder ( master / slave) I had a case where the jumper falled during shippment.

I also replace the 2 bad quality chineese capacitors bye Panasonic ones.


The whole DVD case was cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and also lens, motor.

New greased has been applied to axles and caddy.

DVD pot was 2400 Ohm. It is very often a too high value like this one. Samsung drives like value between 1900 and 2000 ohm.

Look the copy  speed result after that: more than 6 Mb/s


Who wants it ? I don't spoke about the Sata HDD. I will use ever a 500 Gb, or a 3tb ( I know xbox can only handle 2 Tb )

If someone wants it and leaves in europe. I will put this box on stress test during a week and it will be ready for sale.

It can also be delivered with original HDD ( Seagate IDE and for the future IDE2SATA adapter provided)

If you are interrested in, send a PM.






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Does having 128MB of RAM provide any benefit for playing retail games? Or can they not really take advantage of it? I was trying to play Advent Rising, but the framerate was so inconsistent, and usually low. I caved and paid $6 for it on GOG so I could play it on PC (there's also a sick fan patch for it which helps even more).

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You can use Virtua Cop 3 coming from Sega Chihiro arcade cabinet that is made with a xbox variant that has 128 MB of ram. You can also play Half-life  backport from PC.

When you patch xbe using 128 Mb, some games like Halo/Halo2 loose their lags when many explosions. Never checked by myself.

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On 1/25/2020 at 8:39 AM, QuazyPat said:

Does having 128MB of RAM provide any benefit for playing retail games? Or can they not really take advantage of it? I was trying to play Advent Rising, but the framerate was so inconsistent, and usually low. I caved and paid $6 for it on GOG so I could play it on PC (there's also a sick fan patch for it which helps even more).

You can also patch a lot games to force 720p by hexedit




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Hello, on the 1.0 and 1.1 , I rarely had problem with capacitors, except tha capacitor clock. Because MS did goog choice about cpu caps.

On later version, this is the cpu caps that often fail. Depending on the version, it is written on caps, also don't forget to check witdh between caps holes. When you choose them, please buy longest life caps, prefer Panasonic, Rubycon, Nichicon, Sanyo.


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Sometimes, I take the time to patch games to use 720p when it's possible and of course to use 128 Mb. Very often, You don't see any difference, but for emulators it's a good idea. Also for Chihiro games like Virtua Cop3 that only  works with 128Mb.

I have done a new hdmi + 128 Mb this week. The case and the shield are not perfect, but the board had no corosion. Here you can see a wii2hdmi pcb adapter, and of course I test with aladin xblast after each added memory. The xbox had a foxlink psu, I don't like them, so I put a delta one. The philipps dvd drive works well. I have print a pla 2 1/2 inch hdd adapter. I have also changed the original chineese caps on the hdd 2 sata adapter by panasonic ones. You can also see a pla plate to keep in place this adapter.

Here is some photos:








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I am in France, so for french or european guys if you need a small price on a xbox, just ask what you want. You could be surprised ! Tell me your price (don't forget about 20-30 € euro shipping), I will answer what I can offer. I won't keep about 15 xboxs sleeping at home, one or two this is enough.


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