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  1. The lead as in something outside the box itself right? Thank you
  2. Update I cracked open the system and did not see the bad capacitors. Another thing I did was tried standard AV cables, no flickering at all. This only occurs at 480p or above with cheap and high quality components, but with all games at that resolution. Could it be the component port on the TV causing an issue? The flickering is better if I mess with the inputs near the TV, but still occurs.
  3. It's a softmod and 480p and 720p are enabled. My other TV went out about a month back or I would try that.The one I'm currently using is about 1 year old LG, I use it for ps4 gaming, never get any flickering from anything but the xbox, and even now that is really reduced after messing around with the green connector.
  4. Much appreciated. I decide before cracking it open to try some other troubleshooting. 2 things. The first is I was able to find my old composite cables. I found zero flickering using these. The other thing is the green plug on the component cable. I messed around with it for maybe 10 minutes and found that a certain spot twisting it improves the flickering. Now, it does a single, more intense flicker every 20-30 seconds instead that double flicker every 3-5 seconds. Not sure if that helps anyone understand if its actually the caps failing.
  5. Big thanks. Could anyone point me in the right direction on where to start? I just starting learning to FTP recently lmao.
  6. Tried it with 2 sets of component cables and had the same result. It's a 1.6 model and does this with various games, maybe 30 games total I've tried. Sometimes it doesn't do it all for 30min, then it'll flicker constantly for an entire hour. Super frustrating. https://youtu.be/wFh10gwcS6E
  7. Any idea why this would happen? I downloaded the game from a reliable source and all the other games work. I do have a 1.6 Xbox, not sure if that m
  8. Mine is a little smaller than that file so I'm guessing I have the older EWJ file
  9. Very nice. Is there any evidence that these upgrades help framerate for regular Xbox games, something like Half Life 2 that struggles?
  10. Okay. so just delete everything sureal and transfer the whole 5.gb EWJ file over? I just don't want to mess this up. Thanks
  11. Seems the 212 pack already has the roms on it, do I just transfer over that 212 pack to the emulator folder even though I have surreal?
  12. I have 22, 24b and it seems alot of games don't even boot up.
  13. I have the 212 pack installed on my computer thats 5.8gb. Do I just FTP that over like a regular emulator even though I already have Surreal 64?
  14. I'm really curious if this would help Half Life 2. I always wondered if it was cpu bound. It really struggles with physics in some spots. I have it on PC but the xbox was a great port other than the really big fps dips.
  15. I wonder how this compares to the official cables and the cheapos.

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